unframe showcases Works by emerging artists and designers from all over the world online and at its shows.
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Target $4,000 // I pledge $100
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A Co-Producer is the Patron of the 21st century. Support your favourite artist or designer by pledging to the Work you like an amount of your choice.
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Work sold
Work sold for $10,000 // I get $154
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The target amount is 40% of the Work's price. That's why when the Work you funded sells for its full price, you get a commission.
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Are you an artist or designer? Learn more about submitting your work to unframe.

Trust & Safety

unframe's core values are support of creativity, honesty, and trust. We take our responsibility as a platform and intermediary between the creators, co-producers, and collectors very seriously and it is our priority to ensure safety and build trust on all levels. In order to maintain these values and standards, there are a few things we can do together.
submissions from artists and designers
How the selection process for artists and designers works
We don't only want to support and champion the most exciting emerging artists and designers but also make sure we build trusted, long-term collaborations. Artists and designers can apply to become part of our network. Our team carefully reviews and screens all applications before making a selection. All content on unframe is curated.
Calls and meetings // getting to know the artist
We build trust and relationships with our creators by taking the time to set up calls or meetings in order to get to know them and understand their creative direction better.
What our community values
Honesty and openness. Share your vision. Describe your work. Tell us about your degrees, awards, shows you've been part of, and more. Submit only finished works and make sure they don't fall under any exclusivity agreements with third parties.
Realistic targets. We encourage the creators to set reasonable targets with a long-term perspective in mind. Your Co-Producers become your ambassadors and believe in your creative practice.
Excellence. Provide accurate artwork descriptions, shipping information, and handling times. Keep your work safe and insured at all times and pack it well when it's ready to be shipped to its new home or an exhibition.
Payments on unframe are processed using Stripe, whose infrastructure meets and exceeds the most stringent security standards and is used amongst the web and mobile businesses such as Foursquare, DailyMotion, and TED. Have got further questions? You can read all about Stripe here.
Your card details
unframe does not store your full card details. Only the last four digits and expiration date are displayed so that you know which of your cards you are using. You can delete your card details at any time in the Payment Methods section in your Account Settings.
Co-Producers // pledges
The amount you have pledged to a work will only be taken from your card when and if the Target Amount has been hit. Co-Producers will not be charged unless a work has reached its goal.
All works you have backed will automatically be saved in your profile section. Here you will be able to follow the status of all your pledges, as well as be notified when a work is sold. The amount you've pledged will not be publicly displayed.
Collectors // purchases
If an order has been placed for an artwork or design object, it will be delivered to its new home only after payment has been received.
What unframe does
We constantly monitor the activity on the platform and value any feedback our community may have. If you've noticed anything unusual, please let us know. Our team will make sure to carefully review your report and take necessary action.
What Co-Producers should know
Before making a pledge
We encourage you to read about the creators and their work beforehand.
It is important to note that by pledging you are not buying the work, but becoming a Co-Producer and will receive your share of the retail sale price when the work is sold.
Some works will not reach their target. This has nothing to do with the quality of the work - it just occasionally happens. Your card will not be charged.
Risks and rewards
Some works sell right after reaching their target and some take longer. However, sales are not guaranteed and we reserve the right to change the price if required.
The creators are responsible for their works. When you are backing a work, you are trusting the creator to do a good job, so if you don't know them personally, do a little research first. Co-Producers decide who to support.
What unframe does to promote sale
Events & exhibitions
We believe art and design needs to be seen and discovered not only online but also offline. That's why we constantly organise exhibitions, events, studio visits, pop-ups and other initiatives that bring Co-Producers, Collectors and Creators together, on a personal and commercial level. Our event formats can be as large as 200 guests and as small and intimate as 10, depending on the occasion.
Our partnerships
At unframe, we are all about collaborations and partnerships. We constantly work with brands and corporates that understand and share our vision. We've been incredibly lucky to partner with great companies such as Paul Smith, The Nolitan, Ligne Roset and other fantastic partners that support our mission, artists, and designers.
Have got more questions? View our Help section or get in touch.
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