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What is "curated by"?

"Curated by" is an online initiative by art:i:curate. We invite members of our platform to edit the "curated by" section on our website, as well as curate our social media.

For a period of a few days, each curator sets up a visual journey that traces current tendencies of the international contemporary art and cultural scene.

Do you have to be a curator by profession to apply for "curated by"?

No, you do not have to be a curator by profession to participate in the "curated by" initiative. Anyone with an interest for arts and culture can apply.

How can I apply for "curated by"?

You can apply directly at articurate.net, in our "curated by" section by clicking on the "curate this page" icon in the top right corner. We will review your application and get in touch with you directly.

What content can I post on the "curated by" wall?

You can post anything that inspires you in the contemporary art and cultural space, whether it is an image or video of an artwork, an article, interview, or quote. We give our contributors absolute curatorial freedom.

Do I have to curate across all social media?

No, you can choose the social media you wish to curate. However, the more social media you manage to curate, the broader audiences you will be able to reach with your posts.

How do I get access to these social media?

Each contributor will receive a personalised, rotating password to directly access our social media.

What are the conditions to participate in "curated by"?

You must have an account and edited profile at articurate.net in order to participate in this initiative. You should be able to commit 2 days to curate this space. We require a minimum of 6 posts per day.

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