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Yuxin Su at the Koppel project

Yuxin Su at the Koppel project
Yuxin Su, Seats for guests, 2014, acrylic and pastel on linen, 130 x 79 cm.

Yuxin Su participates in the group show Refuse: Refuge: Re - fuse at the Koppel project in London.


The group exhibition entitled 'Refuse: Refuge: Re-fuse' depicts both the decisive and empowered, the disregarded and silenced.


The noun 'refuse' shows the unwillingness to do something or the act of rejecting something as worthless. 'Refuge' can be a noun or a verb and indicates the state of being safe or sheltered from pursuit. The verb 're-fuse' is to blend to form a single entity.


Using these words as a point of departure, the exhibition is tied together by a sensitivity that is neither judging nor conclusive, but rather proposes complex, universal narratives. Six artists confront the audience with moments of fear, doubt, conviction and hope in order to re-fuse experience into new forms and possibilities. 



Yuxin Su, Mirror, 2015, oil and pastel on canvas, 130 x 110 cm.



Yuxin Su's artistic practice touches upon various media including paintings, collages, photography and experimental hand-made artist books. Her interest lies in the notion of time and how it can be understood within the static media with an emphasis on the way images hold time. The medium of painting is an act of remembrance for her, as painting is a fragment of another longer time-based or bigger narrative.


Participating artists: Ivica Bonic Babic, Ana Cvorovic, Svetlana Dmitrenko, Yvonne Feng, Sam Gregg, Yuxin Su.


Refuse : Refuge : Re - fuse opens on Thursday, June 2 and runs until July 5, 2016.


Yuxin Su is also participating in the Slade School of Art Ma/MFA/PHD degree show from June 9 until July 18, 2016.



Yuxin Su, The End #2, 2014, oil and pastel on canvas, 125 x 100 cm.



Yuxin Su is a painter currently based in London. She holds a BA Fine Art Major in Chinese Painting from the Taipei National University of The Arts (TNUA), Taipei (2013) and a MFA in Painting from the Slade School of Fine Art - University College London, London (2015). She was awarded 'The Opening Stage: New Artists Funding Program' from The Ministry of Culture, Taiwan (2013). She has exhibited in solo and group shows including 'Flash Stars', ARTDOOR Gallery (Taipei, 2014); '2014 Young Art Taipei', Regent Taipei (Taipei, 2014); 'The Sorry Scenery', ARTDOOR Gallery (Taipei, 2013); 'The Youngs In Hualien', IP Gallery (Hualien, 2010).


Yuxin Su's painting Seats for Guests was successfully funded through the art:i:curate art crowd funding platform. Find out more about how to become a Co-Producer.


Collect painting by Yuxin Su.


All images courtesy of the artist.

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