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'Wabi-Sabi' by Martina della Valle in Modena

'Wabi-Sabi' by Martina della Valle in Modena
Martina della Valle, Wabi-Sabi, 2015, courtesy of the artist and METRONOM, Modena.

art:i:curate artist Martina della Valle presents her new photographic series at 'Through the Looking Glass' show at the Metronom Gallery in Modena. 


The exhibition showcases works by three artists interested in establishing a relationship and an interpretation with the world we live in, through a dimension that is nourished by ambiguity and contradiction: as you enter through the mirror, you emerge into a hidden and inaccessibile place, where the ephemeral meets the evanescent.The mirror does not serve our quest for an identity, but an aperture to a world of possible transformation and intellectual speculation.


Through a mental and imaginary mirror, the work of the three artists leads to an observation of reality not as individual images, but as a specular quality that translates into a multiplicity, in which the visible and the symbolic are confused. Nature, understood as the environment in which we live, becomes the theatre that stages this passage, crossing between physical and mental places. Far from the dimension of dreams but close to fantasy and imagination, the works of della Valle, Elgar and Reinhard take up the challenge of using natural elements, places and objects, and transform them symbolically, where we can still perceive them as clear and accessible.



Martina della Valle, from the series 'Wabi-Sabi', 2015, courtesy of the artist and METRONOM, Modena.



Martina's new photographic series 'Wabi-Sabi', with necessary simplification, represents the beauty of imperfect things, transitory and incomplete. Her diptychs reflect this underlying principle which is almost indefinable in words, being so much an integral part of Japanese culture. It was in fact during a trip to Japan that she came into possession of a box of negatives portraying still lifes of ikebana.


Wear and tear and poor preservation, dust, twigs, fragments of leaves, are present within the negatives, giving that sense of corrosion and contamination, which enriches rather than devalues. The images of the vegetable compositions (flowers, branches, fruit, stones…) almost live again in the contact prints of the fragments, comprising diptychs which overlay images of a real and imagined world, a world that is not only found in the contact prints in 1:1 scale, but also in the wall installation in which the dimension of the ikebana is enlarged to the maximum digital scale and takes on a sculptural quality - even in its two-dimensional form.



Martina della Valle, from the series 'Wabi-Sabi', 2015, courtesy of the artist and METRONOM, Modena. 



Participating artists: Martina della Valle, Annabel Elgar and Baerbel Reinhard.


The exhibition will run between the 16th of April and the 4th of June 2016.


Martina della Valle is a visual artist based in Berlin. She fraduated from the Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan (2003). In 2007, she was selected for an artist workshop with Joan Jonas at Corso Superiore di Arti Visive, Fondazione Ratti in Como. She was an artist-in-residence at DENA Foundation, Centre des Recollet, Paris (2007) and AIR Onomichi, Hiroshima (2009). She has exhibited in solo and group shows including 'Exploring Resilience: Peninsula', Mila Kunstgalerie (Berlin, 2015); 'CIRCULATION(s) Les projections', Centquatre (Paris, 2015); 'Dot.Land: Peninsula Association', A Space (Berlin, 2014); 'Mois de la photo', Italian cultural Institute (Paris, 2014); 'Words Through Time, Time Through Words', ARTOPIA Gallery (Milan, 2013).



Martina della Valle, Mein Alles, 2013, mixed media, 40 x 40 cm, edition of 10, courtesy of the artist.



Last fall, Martina's Mein Alles was one of the first works to be successfully funded through the art:i:curate art crowd funding platform. Find out more about how to become a Co-Producer


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