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The scenery of loss: Alicja Dobrucka's solo exhibition in Warsaw

The scenery of loss: Alicja Dobrucka's solo exhibition in Warsaw
Alicja Dobrucka, I like you, I like you a lot #11, C-type print, 2011.

London-based photographer Alicja Dobrucka's solo exhibition opens Saturday, August 20th and runs through October 16th at Miejsce Projektów Zachęty in Warsaw, Poland. The show features works from both her 'I like you, I like you a lot' and 'Scenery' series.


Alicja's interest focuses upon topics concerning cultural identity and cultural transfer. Rather intrigued by the point where cultures meet and merge, her artistic practice explores the new possibilities that come out of such encounters. 



Poster for Alicja Dobrucka's solo exhibition at Miejsce Projektów Zachęty in Warsaw.



The photographs of 'I like you, I like you a lot' are personal work, about family and the experience of death of the artist's 13-year-old brother. Later on, the project became an investigation of the influence of American culture on Polish identity. Inspired by the ideal of the 'hero' soldier propagated by American cinema, the artist documented the sense of loss. This project poses questions about vulnerability, youth, motherhood, domesticity and the passage of time.


'Scenery' documents a series of backdrops for photographers available in Mumbai. It calls attention to them, it is a form of excavation, a proposal for an archeology of the everyday. These backdrops offer different scenes that act as an imaginary context for the sitter. Here the sitter meant to pose on the foreground is absent, and the main subject of the image is the background; it raises the question as to why a portrait needs a background, what is the need to fill in the space that surrounds a portrait with an imaginary setting?



Alicja Dobrucka, I like you, I like you a lot #4, C-type print, 2011.



Alicja Dobrucka
August 20 - October 16, 2016
Miejsce Projektów Zachęty
ul. Gałczyńskiego 3, 00-362
Warsaw, Poland    


Read an interview with the artist.


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