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The Pierrot Studio At Display Gallery In London

The Pierrot Studio At Display Gallery In London
Tim A Shaw, Schoenberg's Head series, 2015, watercolour on watercolour paper, 25 x 20cm.

art:i:curate artist Tim A Shaw participates in 'The Pierrot Studio' a group exhibition on view at Display Gallery in London.


'The Pierrot Studio' is a new exhibition of simultaneous visual and aural installations by pairs of contemporary artists and composers. Each pairing explores thematic elements of Schönberg’s seminal song cycle 'Pierrot Lunaire'. The Dr. K Sextet will perform the new compositions written for each installation at the opening of the exhibition.


On the occasion of the exhibition, Tim A Shaw pairs with Ewan Campbell and take Schönberg’s study, or studio, as their starting point to construct a skeleton, life size timber frame replica of this room, based upon photographs of the composer at work. Rather than presenting a stable or fixed piece of architecture, the installation will be much more akin to a psychic, virtual or imagined shell. The immersive room will include re-imaginings of Schönberg’s ‘musical’ sketches and painted self portraits.



Tim A Shaw, Maquette for Pierrot Studio, 2015. 



Sara Naim and Chris Roe will create a poetic and transient rendering of Schönberg’s moonscape in 'Pierrot Lunaire'. Roe’s composition will be amplified beneath a shallow vessel of milk. As the speakers reverberate with the varying tones and frequencies of the music, the liquid will begin to ripple and embody the sound through the various geometric patterns that appear in it. Naim will illuminate the milk with a strobe every 13 seconds in reference to Schönberg's notorious triskaidekaphobia. She will create a series of frozen, sculptural moments, between which the audience will wait in darkness, absorbing the sound without vision.


Jörg Obergfell and Stef Conner will look specifically at the absurdist nature of 'Pierrot Lunaire' and create a series of masks and musical motives around the various archetypal Pierrot characters. Conner’s compositions will be interwoven around a central, slowly developing theme of laughter. Obergfell will translate these characters into more or less abstract mask forms that draw inspiration from both folk costumes and modernist aesthetics.


The exhibition is programmed by The Pierrot Project, an arts collective that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration between artists, composers and musicians with its main aim being to enable fruitful cross disciplinary creative practice and engage diverse audiences.


The exhibition will run between the 4th and 17th of February, 2016. 


Curated by Niamh White.


Artist/Composer Collaborations:

Sara Naim/Chris Roe

Jörg Obergfell/Stef Conner

Tim A Shaw/Ewan Campbell


Performers: Dr. K Sextet



Tim A Shaw, Pierrot, oil on canvas, 30 x 25 cm. 


All images courtesy of Tim A Shaw. 


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