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The Art of Chaos: Lucia Veronesi at Epicenters

The Art of Chaos: Lucia Veronesi at Epicenters
Lucia Veronesi, Nostalgic Combination Drifting Into the Sky, 2015, photograph on cotton paper.

Updated: Lucia Veronesi created a new, site-specific work at Epicenters, an exhibition curated by Fabio Carnaghi at Terme di Como Romana. Epicenters opened on Saturday, July 16, 2016.


See images of Lucia's work at Epicenters:







Above images: Lucia Veronesi, I break with the past and take the rest of the story with me, cut outs, glue and masking tape, 2016, images courtest of the artist.





Epicenters revolves around the "concept of natural order and its exact opposite." Curator Fabio Carnaghi uses the motif of the earthquake, as it "reveals the atavistic conflict between the exception to the rules of nature and  an  inexplicable-complex order."


The exhibition is located at the archaeological site of Terme di Como Romana, which recent studies indicate traces of an earthquake that resulted in a structural collapse. Through Epicenters, Terme di Como Romana becomes the location of a 'collective representation'  by the artists, who are each responding to these themes in their individual, artistic styles. "The result is a temporary settlement, an opportunity to regenerate the space by a subjective, nomadic or accidental act."



Lucia Veronesi, Untitled Interior #1, 2013, photograph, edition of 5.



Epicenters is an exhibition promoted by MiBACT – Soprintendenza Archeologia della Lombardia and Ark Cultural Property and Contemporary, supported by Touring Club Italiano and the Touring Volunteers for Cultural Heritage, in partnership with Valduce Servizi, spa.


Epicenters: July 16 - September 18, 2016
Terme di Como Romana, Como, Italy


Exhibition hours:
Tuesday/Thursday: 10am - 2pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm



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