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Teresa Braula Reis At Coimbra Biennial Of Contemporary Art

Teresa Braula Reis At Coimbra Biennial Of Contemporary Art
Teresa Braula Reis, No Heroes Behind. Memorial to the Impossibility of Eternity, 2015.

art:i:curate artist Teresa Braula Reis exhibited her new art installations at Coimbra Biennial of Contemporary Art, a contemporary art exhibition curated by Luísa Santos.


The first edition of Anozero, under the title 'A throw of the dice', has as main goal to reflect on the award given to the University of Coimbra - Alta and Sofia as World Heritage site by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). One of the central points of this edition is, thus, the outstanding heritage of Coimbra, in its numerous meanings and cultural effects. 


Founded in 1958, Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra (CAPC) witnessed crucial moments in the Art and Culture History of the Visual Arts in Portugal. Over more than 50 years it has been playing a major role in the production, boosting, promotion, circulation and diffusion of aesthetic trends. This has been not only at the level of its pedagogical and artistic role, as well as the diversified programming, with a crucial role for the creation and awareness of new publics for the contemporary art in Portugal. With its role and as a testimony, the CAPC’s main building materialises a heritage that is immaterial, crystallising on the one hand the memories and roots of most of what we understand today as contemporary art and projecting, on the other hand, possibilities to come. 


It is exactly in this relation between different times that the history of 'Notes on the construction of time' takes place. The works of Dalila Gonçalves (1982, Castelo de Paiva), Jorge Santos (1974, Silves) and Teresa Braula Reis (1990, Lisbon) that are featured in this exhibition are connected through a series of paired relations. Firstly, time and space; on the other hand, construction confronted with destruction; the tense dialogue between the past and the future; and, finally, the opposition between ephemerality and the imperishable translated by the desire to anchor or suspend time.


Teresa Braula Reis creates "sculptural constructions" made of industrial materials that reveal an intense fragility and minimalism in their structure and most of the time include found objects. Her art installations delineate places, fragments of houses, of dwelling places. They suggest us elements which are familiar to us in our relation with space (walls, windows, passages, chairs, doors), asking us to reflect upon that relation; To reflect on how those relations determinate our becoming self, our life, throughout the inevitability of time.


For those of you who didn't have the chance to visit the exhibition in Coimbra, we are giving you a glimpse of Teresa's latest art installations



Teresa Braula Reis, No Heroes Behind. Memorial to the Impossibility of Eternity, 2015.



Installation in progress. 


Teresa Braula Reis, Modern Artifacts of Remembrance, 2015. 



All images courtesy of the artist.


Collect installation art by Teresa Braula Reis.


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