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Salon Avec Benedetta Panisson // The Interface Between Sea and Sexuality

Salon Avec Benedetta Panisson // The Interface Between Sea and Sexuality
The Excess Island. Chapter n. 52.

The project Artist Salons chez Ligne Roset is a collaboration of the contemporary art platform art:i:curate and the exuberant French design brand Ligne Roset. The project aims to create the symbiosis of the contemporary design and art scene in London. Ligne Roset Westend space for contemporary design opened to contemporary artists and their artworks selected by the art:i:curate network. art:i:curate is hosting a series of artist salons to create an active dialogue between the artists and their audience.



On the 26th of November, the first artist to come under the magnifying glass was Benedetta Panisson. To her, video installation, live performance, drawing, and especially photography, are the artistic tools that enable her freedom of expression.


Her photographic works could be read as a series of hypotheses on aesthetics, sexuality, and psychophysics. As she says, “it is a kind of a filter” that she has decided to look through at the world. Although sexuality seems to be as natural as nature itself, the artist denies the exciting clichés and reveals the arcane about it by putting the ostensible ideas conceived by society into distorted situations.


At the Salon chez Ligne Roset, Benedetta Panisson presented her project of the film photographyThe Excess Island. Every photograph is led by a short story that ventures into this little-known sexual life in nature. Seemingly minimalistic photos of the waves, people on the beach, and small islands’ peaks which intervene between the sky and the sea all gain a completely different meaning once you have a chance to learn more about Benedetta’s work and philosophy.





Almost like in ancient Greek mythology, Benedetta deems water the main figure in her photographic stories; after all it is an essential element in nature. The human body circulates a significant fraction of water; it is running through our cells and veins, heart and brain. This intimate and inevitable relation between the water and a human, the constant flow and melding, is what the artist relates to sexuality. The sea hence becomes a symbol of a sexual utopia.





The Excess Island is based on the artist’s photography made in her childhood days that she spent in Venice. The culture of this Italian city – sealed in this small stretch of land, embraced by the waters – was and is a part of Benedetta’s life that made an impact on her attitudes and, of course, on her works. Now having an academic background and having done a long-term research on aesthetics and sexuality, the artist’s olden illuminated photographic moments became an intellectual validation.


It is important to emphasise that Benedetta has a very clear opinion when the topic comes to originality in art; she does not extrapolate nor seeks to invent something, as it is said, “Originality is for people with very short memories”. Her work is always on the way to refinement, and a post-realisation of what the origin of this natural artistic flow was. As uncertainty and question marks go with everything in this world, the artist leaves the concepts of her works open to interpretation.


Those who are looking for deeper meanings on sexuality than just nude pornographic photography can have a look at this intriguing world of Benedetta Panisson at Ligne Roset or on her art:i:curate profile page.



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