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NYC'S art fairs

NYC'S art fairs
Image courtesy of Stephen Shore.

Brooklyn-based artist, Timothy Pakron reviews recent art fairs in New York: VOLTA, The Armory, Independent, and SCOPE.




As the fair's goal describes,"The strict format gives the New York fair its unique character, which curators and collectors often compare favorably to experiencing a series of intense studio visits." One enjoyable aspect of the fair was that the artists being exhibited were often in the booth. VOLTA's line up this year was a stellar and beautifully presented group of artists. In this two floor art fair in SOHO, up-and-coming as well as established artists were exhibited.




Copyright Takahiro Yamamoto with Gallery Kogure, Tokyo.




Installation shot of Takahiro Yamamoto at VOLTA, Photo taken by Timothy Pakron.



Upon first glance, these vintage photographs are stunning in itself. But upon closer inspection, the viewer is delighted to discover that they are in fact very small, intimate paintings. With his "godly strokes", as the gallery refers to them, Takahiro Yamamoto explores realism, using the source of old photographs as inspiration.




Copyright Robert Chamberlin.



Robert Chamberlin exhibited his exquisite ceramic creations at Boston Gallery Miller Yezerski's booth. These heavily decorated porcelain vessels are intricate, delicate, and forcefully push the boundaries of the porcelain as a medium. Similiar to a cake frosted with icing, these porcelain pieces refreshingly stood out in the fair filled with predominately 2D works of paintings and photographs.




The Armory always delivers a heavy dose of blockbuster galleries and established artists. This year was much the same, noting that there are what I like to call "all-star" artists that are speckled throughout the fair in many different galleries. Easily spotted are oil paintings by Kehinde Wiley.  His iconic paintings of African-American men and women eagerly catch the eye with there bold palettes and intricate patterns.




Image courtesy of Kehinde Wiley.



On the softer side, Stephen Shore's photography was a pleasant encounter in the cluster of contemporary works. Recognised as a pioneer in colour photography, Shore's large-scale photographs are subtle and calming.




The Independent, in the heart of Chelsea, provides three levels of contemporary works from a wide range of artists. This year, the art fair featured over fifty international galleries and non-profit institutions representing fourteen countries.




Installation shot of David Maljkovic at The Independent. Photo taken by Timothy Pakron.



David Malijkovic's large-scale photographic collage was hard to miss at this year's art fair. Combining a framed photograph within an installed photograph on the wall, the work becomes less 2D and more sculptural.




Upon arrival to SCOPE this year, it instantly seemed as if there was a lack of consistency with the quality of the work in comparison with the other art fairs. But through the international "eye candy" and the abundance of what I can't help but recognise as cheesy, illustration work, artist Ayline Olukman photographs stood out. For an artist who works in many different mediums and styles, these particular photographs from the series, "Life like in a Road Movie" were displayed beautifully. Her lush palette and storytelling ability with her photographs was a highlight of this art fair.



Image courtesy of Timothy Pakron.



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