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Michel Lamoller: Multi-Dimensional Images & Pictographic Objects

Michel Lamoller: Multi-Dimensional Images & Pictographic Objects
Multi-Dimensional Images & Pictographic Objects, Berlin, image courtesy of the artist.

art:i:curate artist Michel Lamoller curates a group exhibition that examines the nature of the image and the object and the relationship between those unbreakably connected elements.


Without image there is no object, without object there is no image. It is the question of the hen and the egg.


The participating artists work with different materials and processes but are all dealing with this very special relationship, moving back and forth between image and object and reverse. The results of the artistic processes are either two- or three-dimensional, but refer in both cases to the other: Objects being the results of images; Images that derive from objects. 


The works of this exhibition share a common quality; their appearances are a direct causal result of the making process, they lay open their own conditions of existence. Two-and three-dimensional representation become observable at the same time.


In the work of Michel Lamoller photographs are manually transformed - by a process of cutting and layering - into three dimensional sculptures. The space-illusion of photography is complemented by a new real space. The final result of this working process is either the sculpture, or a photograph of it.



Michel Lamoller, Layerscape (Site-specific tiles), 2014, image courtesy of the artist.



Also using photography, Sinta Werner creates works - tautologies - that are both image and object at the same time. A photo of a space or an objects gets printed and then attached to the original space or object in original size. Like this a three-dimensional 'double- image' is created.



Sinta Werner, Space Lapse / The Circumvention of Possibilities, 2014, image courtesy of the artist.



Panagiotis Margaritis transforms flat wooden panels into folded three- dimensional images that are affected by the impact of light and shadow. These objects refer to our everyday experience of the materiality of paper, and - by implying painted frames - also to images in general.



Panagiotis Margaritis, o.t, 2015, image courtesy of the artist.



Swen Kählerts works are results of various painting-processes, in which he treats the canvas like an object itself. Only in the moment of stretching it onto the frame it becomes an image, and the illusion of space, which is a direct imprint of a three-dimensional condition, begins to be effective.



Swen Kählerts, o.t, 2013, image courtesy of the artist.



Collect photography by Michel Lamoller.

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