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Meet Miss Pickle, the art world's most powerful dog

Meet Miss Pickle, the art world's most powerful dog
Pickles the Art dog. Image courtesy of Katie Howard.

It's Frieze Week in New York and the art world has migrated from the Venetian lagoon to Manhattan Island. Besides Frieze, the city is full of other fairs, openings and events - not to mention the busy social calendar that accompanies them. The busiest of all the art aficionados however, might just be none other than the local insider, Pickle.


Pickle - excuse us - Miss Pickle is a French Bulldog. 

But not just any French Bulldog. This young lady (for those of you who don't know her yet) has gained celebrity status amongst the New York art world


There is no respected New York gallery vernissage or show where Miss Pickle does not make an appearance. She's become the art world's favourite mascot, with several collaborations underway - rumor even has it she will curate her own show one day soon.


We caught up with Miss Pickle and her lovely owner and close collaborator, Katie Howard, an art advisor herself, to talk art, fans, hightlights and getting into occasional trouble. 



Sometimes I get confused.


Erwin Wurm “Toilet”, 2014 in Future Seasons Past curated by Manuel E. Gonzalez at Lehmann Maupin.
 February 28 - April 18, 2015.




I guess that's what they call a cheesy picture.


Studio visit with Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw for the #BKARTISTSBALL.



Some of my favourite artworld people.


Violet Dennison in "New Hells" Curated by Isaac Lyles at Derek Eller Gallery with Violet Dennison. July 09 - August 08, 2014.



#fbf to when I got to hang with @MarkAtTheMuseum and the @Artsy crew at @TheArmory Show. Julio Le Parc "Sphere jaune", 2001 at Galeria Nara Roesler, Booth 905, at The Armory Show. March 05-08, 2015.



Biggest fan.


Me and arts critic Shana Beth Mason! Pier Paolo Calzolari "Comodini", 2014 at Boesky East with Shana Beth Mason.



An epic instagram moment.


I just wanted to get a closer look… at Roxy Paine "Checkpoint", 2014 in Denuded Lens at Marianne Boseky Gallery. September 04 – October 18, 2014. Photo by Son Le, @sononson. 



Fellow artsy dog friend.


This is my cool friend Bert, he's in a shirt, and his mom Kathy! The Armory Show, 2015.



"It wasn't me." (Even though I love balls)


Hans Schabus “Innere Sicherheit”, 2006 in Cartography of Empty Spaces with Mariana Castillo Deball, Jumana Manna, Hans Schabus, Gabriel Sierra at Simon Preston Gallery.
April 01 - May 03, 2015.



When I am not looking at art I…


..play fetch (I really do love balls)! 



The time I almost got in trouble.


Art fatigue… I'll just take a nap here. Aiko Hachisuka "Couch", 2011 at Eleven Rivington, Booth 815, at The Armory Show, 2015.



Recent art world hangout


I got to visit the Artspace and PhaidonSnaps offices last week! I met so many new friends. And look out for me and Artspace at NADA New York!



My best studio visit moment.


So this is paint, and it is toxic, so that means I can eat it! My studio visit with Trudy Benson in preparation for her show at Lisa Cooley.



I got to be honest, I do get tempted sometimes. 


Lizzi Bougatsos “Migration”, 2015 in Debris at James Fuentes. 
March 22 - April 26, 2015.


To see more photos of Pickle visit artblogdogblog.com


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