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Martina Della Valle Nominated For The Francesco Fabbri Prize 2015

Martina Della Valle Nominated For The Francesco Fabbri Prize 2015
Martina della Valle, POST-IT BOOK, 2014, courtesy of METRONOM & the artist.

We are very happy to announce that art:i:curate artist Martina della Valle is nominated for the Francesco Fabbri Prize for Contemporary Art 2015.



A few years ago, returning from a trip to Milan, I found a book on the Milan-Malpensa bus, lost or voluntarily abandoned by an unknown traveler. It was a well known edition about contemporary photography, that collects the work of many artists. It was on page 26, that I made my discovery. On the image nr.17, a yellow Post-It was hiding half of the subject: the naked body of a young girl... - Martina della Valle



Martina is one of the finalists of the contemporary photography section for her photographic project POST-IT BOOK which was recently presented at the UNSEEN photo fair in Amsterdam. The project develops as a series of photographs of details of the pages on which the mysterious author has intervened. Martina's research starts from the basis of the photographic technique, from the study of the physical and mental traces left by the light, through time and space. It is developed often with different languages and forms, that take the shape of photos, video, as well as site-specific installations.


The Francesco Fabbri Prize for Contemporary Art investigates the many facets of contemporary visual culture around the globe. It seeks to map out innovative research which is capable of expressing the hybrid and multi-faceted nature of the present day. It offers an opportunity for exchange and visibility for emerging artists and seeks to create new relationships with art professionals, critics, the press as well as encourages a dialogue with the public.


The prize is divided into two sections: Emerging Art and Contemporary Photography. The first is dedicated to artists below the age of 36. Artists can participate through any visual creative medium-painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video art, performance art, sound art, drawing and graphic art, there are no limits on the medium which can be used. The second section is dedicated to contemporary photography, in line with the work of the Fondazione Francesco Fabbri, the promoter of the F4 / un’idea di Fotografia, the festival for contemporary and modern photography. This section is open to photographers of any age and nationality.


The selected artists are:


Emerging artFrancesco Amato, Romina Bassu, Saverio Bonato, Paolo Brambilla, Gianluca Brando, Lorenzo Casali e Micol Roubini, Chiara Caterina, Stefano Cescon, Sophie Ko Chkheidze, Lorenzo Di Lucido, Roberto Fassone, Francesca Ferreri, Alessandro Fogo, Tommaso Gatti, Rachele Maistrello, Gianluca Marinelli, Alessio Mazzaro, Delphi Morpurgo, Nicole Moserle, Stefano Pascolini, Matteo Pasin, Vincenzo Punzo, Jacopo Rinaldi, Fabio Roncato, Caterina Erica Shanta, Alan Stefanato, Rashid Uri, Emilio Vavarella, Marco Maria Zanin and Christian Manuel Zanon.


Contemporay photographyFabrizio Albertini, Alessandro Bertoncello, Isobel Blank, Federica Bruni, Alessandro Calabrese e Milo Montelli, Alessandra Calò, Marina Caneve, Francesca Catastini, Melania Dalle Grave, Martina della Valle, Giorgio Di Noto, Irene Fenara, Pierluigi Fresia, Armida Gandini, Teresa Giannico, Angelo Iannone, Simona Luchian, Tommaso Mori, NASTYNASTY©, Simon Perathoner, Matilde Piazzi, Laura Renna, Sissi Cesira Roselli, Enrico Smerilli, Giulia Spreafico, Livia Sperandio, Davide Tranchina, Devis Venturelli, Rui Wu and Alessio Zemoz.


The art works selected as finalists will be on display at Villa Brandolini in Pieve di Soligo (Treviso) between the 28th of November and the 20th of December 2015. The winners will be announced during the inauguration of the exhibition, in front of the press, art professionals and the public. 



Martina Della Valle, POST-IT BOOK, 2014, inkjet print on fine art paper, 50 x 70 cm, courtesy of METRONOM & the artist.



Collect photography by Martina della Valle.

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