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Making her mark: Jaanika Peerna at Draw to Perform3 in London

Making her mark: Jaanika Peerna at Draw to Perform3 in London
Jaanika Peerna, Maelstrom series, pigment and colour pencil on mylar, 92 x 92 cm., 2015.

New York based artist Jaanika Peerna will be participating in a live drawing performance on Saturday, July 30th at Draw to Perform3 at Crow's Nest Gallery in London.


Jaanika Peerna's work encompasses drawing, video, installation and performance, often dealing with the theme of transitions in light, air, water and other natural phenomena. She says, "I am interested in the never-ending process of becoming with no story, no beginning, no end—just the current moment in flux."



Jaanika Peerna, image courtesy of artist.



Draw to Perform3- An International Community for Drawing Performance is a two-day symposium featuring artists from all over the world who will be performing, creating, collaborating and teaching workshops.


Day 1 will consist of twelve hours of live drawing performances, both collaborative and individual, "in which artists create their artwork in front of a live audience while communicating with the viewers. Mark making in drawing performance is often a result of powerful physical gesture and body movement that connects elements of line, movement, space and time." During Day 2, artists will be conducting workshops, which the public can purchase tickets to participate in.



Jaanika Peerna, Puff series, graphite and colour pencil on mylar, 2014.



Draw to Perform 3:
Saturday & Sunday, July 30th-31st
10 am - 10 pm
Crows Nest Gallery
3-5 Crowthorne Road, London


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