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'Made In Mind' with art:i:curate artist Florence Lam

'Made In Mind' with art:i:curate artist Florence Lam
Image courtesy Made In Mind

Made In Mind, featuring art:i:curate emerging artist Florence Lam, is an evening of performance, film, and music in aid of Mind at The Warehouse, Waterloo, Friday 5th September 2014 from 6.30 until 7.30pm. 


Made In Mind is curated by Emma O'Rourke and Elizabeth Holly Hurt; it is the start of a collaboration between the two to promote wellbeing through a series of pop-up events from Leeds to London

Participating artists and speakers, who will be performing, talking, and showing include: 
Bernadette Russell, Charlotte Walker, Chloe Morgan, Concept & Graft, Dan Castro, Double Elephant/ Workshops n Docs, enJoy film, Florence Lam, Fly Girl Films, Friends of Friends, Grant Petrey, Hannah O'Driscoll, John Wannehag, Josh Hawkins, Lindsay Goodall, Lydia O’Hara, Robert Szymanek, Rose Bretécher, Tatiana Pancewicz & Zoe Hough.

The programme includes a screening of mental health related films of various genres including drama, animation, documentary, dance and art film; a dance performance commissioned especially for the event, plus live music, talks and drinks.




About Florence Lam

Florence Lam (b. 1992, Vancouver) is a multi-disciplinary conceptual artist based in London. 

Her works are mostly time-based where audiences are invited to witness the birth and constant deterioration of material as a performance. She places herself in a position where she is in control of the presentation while simultaneously being completely out of control of how the material performs, therefore creating an illusion of familiar intimacy, exposing the life within the materials as they interact with audiences.
Her works involve direct interaction or play with different sensory perspectives and deprivations in conveying different levels of experience of art, striving to recall her audiences' feeling of pure wonder by bringing in front of their eyes an object that seems physically impossible without life, just as children believed that there were spirits inhabited in the flowing water and sizzling leaves. This is a collective memory for all people regardless of time, place and background, and it is driven by the natural human instinct.



View more artworks by Florence Lam. 

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