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Lucia Veronesi ventures 'Out there' with her latest solo exhibition

Lucia Veronesi ventures 'Out there' with her latest solo exhibition
Lucia Veronesi; Out there, a big night of stars; still from video, HD; 2016.

art:i:curate artist Lucia Veronesi's solo exhibition 'Out there, a big night of stars' opens October 15th at Galleria Muratcentoventidue in Bari, Italy.


Veronesi presents a two-channel video installation: reassuring and comfortable home rooms witness the catastrophe that is taking place outside the window. The cosy and old-fashioned furnishing  promises protection -- fabrics are bright, the fireplace is lit, but outside the world is crumbling: in vast and deserted lunar atmospheres the planets collide, the Earth collapses and reverses its rules. A violent nature destroys, transforms and sinks. The safety of these rooms is only apparent.


The artist declares, "'Out there, a big night of stars' is taken from a novel by Iris Murdoch. I was working on my video, and the sentence I [read] impressed me because in a few words the images and visions of atmospheres to which I was giving form were perfectly recalled.


The words 'out there' are crucial, because they make the vision of two different spaces immediately clear, while representing a point of view from within the room that promises protection. 'Big stars night' is a quiet image to all appearances, as if we were watching that 'outside', from the protecting inside of our home that makes us feel safe from the catastrophe. Moreover, I think it is a free sentence, which leaves much to imagination, the very same imagination that has guided me into the creation of this video."



Lucia Veronesi; Out there, a big night of stars; still from video, HD; 2016.



The video is made in stop-motion, and it combines images, collage and painting. The exhibition also includes a new series of small paintings on canvas, prints on cotton paper and collage where, as in the video, color, spray, crayons, charcoal are layered -- overlapping as accumulations of gestures and matter, transforming basic images into new visions.


The use of different techniques characterizes Veronesi's research by fluctuating between two-dimensional and three-dimensional, painting and collage, installation and photography.
In the last decade, her work has tested the experience of space and its livability.


In the past few years, the artist has been fascinated by the accumulation of objects and by the disease derived from consumeristic hoarding and compulsive conservation, to the point of making houses uninhabitable and life impossible. This fascination towards accumulation is translated into a stylistic attitude in which layering, addition, amalgam of techniques, clippings, drawing and painting have put shapes in tension and make them digress one into  the other.


In this way, the artist has lately merged the themes of raid, invasion, flooding of domestic and natural environments; Veronesi's art is surprisingly up to date and in line with the current interest of scientific and humanistic culture towards "Anthropocene", as it was officially named at the International Geological Congress in Cape Town, South Africa in August 2016.


In this new geological era, human impact on the environment is predominant and causes uncontrollable reactions. The same boost that can create cities, permanent residences, outposts, shelters, human comfort causes destruction and catastrophe.



Lucia Veronesi; Out there, a big night of stars; still from video, HD; 2016.



'Out there, big night of stars'

Muratcentoventidue - Artecontemporanea

Via G. Murat 122/b – Bari, Itay



Saturday October 15th, 2016 at 7.00 pm



October 15 – December 10, 2016


Open hours:

Tuesday to Saturday, from 5.00 to 8.00 pm 


Collect works by Lucia Veronesi.

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