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'Love U More Than Fireworks' featuring art:i:curate artist Timothy Pakron

 'Love U More Than Fireworks' featuring art:i:curate artist Timothy Pakron
'Wash Away' by Timothy Pakron, 2013, photography, 102.0 cm × 102.0 cm / 40.2 in × 40.2 in

 'Love U More Than Fireworks' featuring works by art:i:curate artist Timothy Pakron opens August 9th at Parlor Gallery. 


Opening night reception will be on Saturday, August 9th from 7pm-11pm.



The exhibition 'Love U More Than Fireworks' explores the use and depiction of energy and all of its variations. The materials and luminosity in Jordan Eagles "Blood Works" evoke the connections between life and death, body, spirit and the universe. Lola Dupre's highly fractured and complex collages reveal the invisible presence which exists in our minds and surrounds objects and memory. Graffiti artist, St. Monci, delivers a powerful impact with his often improvised geometric and architectural forms which move through space and cannot be contained. Multi-disiplinary artist, Keith Lemley focuses on the quiescent potential of materials and environments to be more than how they are perceived, while Sylvia Hommert's work and interests lie in exploring and capturing light interacting within our environment. 


Pariticipating artists include: Lola Dupre, Iris Kufert-Rivo, St. Monci, Keith Lemley, Sylvia Hommert, Jordan Eagles, and art:i:curate's own Timothy Pakron.


Timothy states: "My work investigates the contrast and compliment between the disciplines of photography and painting. Historically, photography is reality- an accurate reference. Painting is interpretation, subjective and emotive. In regards to the figurative works, the image of the individual is manipulated in an effort to emphasize the flux of human relationships. In regards to the non-figurative work, the image is created by color and movement. Both of these series breaks with a traditional formality, and explores energy as translated by the artist's hand.  The interpretation transcends mere documentation:  it is a personal and intimate impression of lives and moments that have influenced my own." View more artworks by Brooklyn-based artist Timothy Pakron



'Amsterdam' by Timothy Pakron, 2013, photography


'Amsterdam' by Timothy Pakron, 2013, photography



'Love U More Than Fireworks' will be on view August 9th through September 7th, 2014. 

Parlor Gallery is located at 717 Cookman Avenue on the "arts bloc" in Asbury Park, NJ.

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