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Louise Thomas Featured in Glorious Abandon

Louise Thomas Featured in Glorious Abandon
Louise Thomas, All colors run down, 2016, oil on canvas, 150 x 200 x 2 cm, courtesy of the artist.

Dynamite projects presents 'Glorious Abandon' exhibition that will display works of a contemporary baroque variety. The title is in reference to the practice of abandoning children at the Ospedale della Pietà.


The Pietà was a charitable institution, not officially connected to the church, that took in orphans. Daughters from wealthy and noble families of  Italy were sent to live there to be educated but also, sometimes indigent parents would abandoned their children at its doors. Antonio Vivaldi was the most known teacher associated with the Pieta, who at the age of twenty-five was ordained a Catholic priest and joined the staff of the Pieta' as "master of violin" and wrote countless compositions that featured the young musicians at sacred liturgies or Sunday afternoon concerts. 


On the ocasion of this exhibition, artist Louise Thomas demonstrates paintings that evolve around the dissonance between architectural structures and the surrounding world. Her practice evolves around material she collects from her own travels as well as holiday brochures and photographic resources. Having the aformentioned as a starting point, she seeks to unearth the architecture of abandoned sites, that in this case includes the institution of the Venice Pieta. 


The brushstrokes on her paintings highlight an abstract sense of nostalgia and simultaniously a failed space of holiday paradise. The haunted stillness of her canvases allow her to ameliorate dystopian spaces by allowing a new visual experience through the juxtaposition of historical and contemporary sites.


The exhibition takes place on an industrial estate in Redhill, Surrey.


Participating artists: James Balmforth, Gareth Cadwallader, Tomo Campbell, Nathan Cash Davidson, Bobby Dowler, Jade Fadojutimi, Count Glendenberg, Christopher Green, Kate Groobey, Marie Jacotey, Catherine Leon, Shaun McDowell, Sofia Silva, Louise Thomas, Lara Viana, Hugo Wilson


The exhibition will run until the 15th of May 2016.



Louise Thomas, Myth Maker, 2016, oil on canvas, 50x60cm, courtesy of the artist.



Louise Thomas is a visual artist based in Berlin. She holds a BA in Fine Art from Falmouth University, Cornwall (2007). She has been shorlisted for '4 New Sensations' organised by the Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4 (2007) and for the 'Celeste Painting Prize' (2007). She has exhibited in solo and group shows including 'Cooking in the ruins', Greenhouse (Berlin, 2014); 'Artifice of Paradise', BISCHOFF/WEISS (London, 2013); '(in)visible', Edel Assanti (London, 2011); '4 New Sensations', organised by the Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4, Truman Brewery (London, 2007).


Collect contemporary fine art by Louise Thomas

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