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Lionel Cruet at Colab Factory x Antecedent Projects

Lionel Cruet at Colab Factory x Antecedent Projects
Lionel Cruet, The shade of paradise 2, 2016, installation.

Lionel Cruet participates in Incite // Insight, a group exhibition at Colab Factory x Antecedent Projects in Brooklyn. Incite // Insight presents a dialogue between art and startup initiatives. In both, profound insight arrives through breakthrough moments that in turn create surprising paradigm shifts and cultural coups.



Lionel Cruet, interior view of Intangible space, 2014, installation.



In the exhibition, artists and innovators share a drive to transcend the ordinary, with major shifts resulting from sudden insights which can potentially create entirely new world views. 


Lionel Cruet's artistic practice is inspired from his Caribbean origin. It informs and shapes the interdisciplinary and hybrid quality of his artistic practice. Elements of collaboration and research are part of the work in the interest to discuss the complexities of technological, geo-political, and natural effects that transform our understanding of reality. The artworks take the form of digital images, printing processes, audiovisual material, performance, and three-dimensional installations. He is interested in subjects of geographies, technology, and nature, using digital printing processes, audiovisual material, performance, and installations.


Participating artists: Fanny Alli é, Autumn Ahn, Jon Bunge, Lionel Cruet, Ya La’Ford, Jacqueline Lyoussi, Marjan Moghaddam, and Anne Vieux.


The exhibition runs from June 22nd until July 22nd at CoLab-Factory, 14 Dekalb Ave 3rd Floor, Brooklyn.



Lionel Cruet, Intangible space, 2014, installation, 213 x 243 x 487 cm.



Lionel Cruet is a visual artist based in New York and San Juan. He holds a BA in Fine Art from La Escuela de Artes Plasticas, San Juan and MFA in Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice from the City College of New York (CUNY, New York, 2014). He was the recipient of the Juan Downey Audiovisual Award, Santiago (2013).


Lionel Cruet has exhibited in solo and group shows including 'Colonial Comfort', Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts (Frederiksted, 2014); 'Lionel Cruet: In Between, Real and Digital', Bronx River Art Center (New York, 2014); '11th Media Arts Biennale', National Museum of Fine Arts (Santiago, 2013); 'Sound Art Fair', Universidad del Sagrado Corazón (San Juan, 2013); 'SuperReal: Alternative Realities in Photography and Video', El Museo del Barrio New York (New York, 2013).


Collect photography and installation by Lionel Cruet.


All images courtesy of the artist.

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