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LIGHTING MOODS: A Contest for Emerging Artists

LIGHTING MOODS: A Contest for Emerging Artists

SybinQ Art Projects presents: “LIGHTING MOODS – ATMOSFERE DI LUCE”, a contest for emerging artists curated by sybin - Susanna Bianchini.



Solar energy generates a new light and feeds the planet with culture.

Architect Fulvio Valsecchi is the designer and creator of the “Firefly” solar lamp. Eight of these lamps are installed in the Park “8 Marzo”, (former Parco Leopardi) in via Leopardi, in the suburbs of Bergamo. Being Firefly an innovative designer object with the purpose of encouraging the exploration of new technologies and the creation, rather than consumption, of energy, we thought about involving artists in the creation of artworks expressly thought for the Firefly lamp. An example of public art, therefore accessible to all, that intervenes on an element of street furniture in an unusual way.


Three artists, one of which an emerging, are called to realise site-specific works for the eight lamps installed in the Park; a so-called “dress” to transform the lamp-object in a temporary artwork, accessible and enjoyable from the public and the park’s passers by. Two artists have already been selected by SybinQ Art Projects and invited to present their project. The selection criteria were based on the choice of a local artist from Bergamo, therefore linked to the specificity of the territory, and an International artist in order to have a cultural exchange with Europe.



You will have the chance to work side by side with Mariella Bettineschi (BG) and Alice Anderson (UK). The emerging artist will be selected by an International Contest, launched and promoted by SybinQ Art Projects, and a Panel of experts in art and architecture:


  •  Susanna Bianchini – Art Curator and Director of SybinQ Art Projects
  •  Prof. Enrico De Pascale – Curator and Art Historian
  •  Maria Cristina Rodeschini – Director of GAMeC, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Bergamo
  • Paola Tognon – Curator
  • Arch. Fulvio Valsecchi – Director of Master San Vigilio


The winner will have the occasion to measure oneself with established artists, with a public commission (to realise a site-specific work) and with the opportunity to illustrate his or her research to some valid professionals in Bergamo and to a large audience.


Who can apply: the contest is for emerging artists. The minimum age to apply is 18 years.


Project required: the solar lamp “Firefly” is seen by its creator as a feminine entity, generator of light, therefore of life, beautiful and attractive, so much as to wish it to be ‘dressed’ in charming clothes, like art’s conceptual dresses.

The required project must:

  • Intervene on the Firefly respecting its function and forms. It is possible to intervene on more than one lamp or on the green area around them;
  • Consider the weather conditions and the nature of the venue, a public park;
  • Use materials that won’t cause any harm, danger or other hazard to the park’s visitors.


Please Note: “Lighting Moods – Atmosfere di Luce” is included in ARTDATE, a network of exhibitions organised by The Blank, Bergamo, from 15-19 May 2014. ARTDATE 2014 has the theme “Dialogue in time”, to stress the characterising topic of the relationship between ancient and contemporary art. This additional theme can inform, but not necessarily condition, the proposed project.


Award: the winning artist will receive a contribution of 500 for the realisation of his or her project. Any additional cost is at the artist’s expense. Regrettably, no artist’s travel expenses can be provided. The Award Ceremony and Press Conference will take place at Castello di San Vigilio, Bergamo, on 10 May 2014 at 12:00 pm.


How to apply: applicants must send their project to [email protected] by 29 April 2014 at 23:30 pm.


The email must have:

1. Personal details: name, surname, address and a short bio including shows.

2. The presentation of the project (maximum 1500 characters including spaces).

3. Technical details: list of materials including hypothetical graphic and photographic illustrations, budget plan and installation schedule (accepted format: .doc and .pdf).


For any additional information please contact SybinQ Art Projects.


Lampada Ginni.


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