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Katrin Koskaru's new series of work exhibited in Paris

Katrin Koskaru's new series of work exhibited in Paris
Katrin Koskaru, 2015, courtesy of Galerie Pascaline Mulliez.

On the occasion of this year's FIAC Paris, art:i:curate artist Katrin Koskaru presented her new series of paintings about the social issues arising from war conflicts at Pascaline Mulliez Gallery.


In her artistic practice Katrin collects and accumulates images and essays from newspapers and internet sites related to war, violence, human resentment, demonstrations, destruction and ruins. She is interested in the way this often very indisposed subject can be approached aesthetically. 


In her new series of paintings, she used pencil and Biros and formulates her own visual language to convey the current incidents in Syria and the burning issue of immigration as a form of protest. 


"I am particularly interested in military space. I’m interested in tracing back the past and see how it connects to now. As an Estonian, growing up in the Soviet Union and now living in UK, how do I respond and what does matter to me in the world?"



Katrin Koskaru, Come to Close Quartet .25, 2015, watercolour and pencil on cotton, 220 × 160 cm, courtesy of Galerie Pascaline Mulliez.



Katrin Koskaru, 2015, courtesy of Galerie Pascaline Mulliez.



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