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Isidora Krstic's Art Installation At Volkskunde Museum In Vienna

Isidora Krstic's Art Installation At Volkskunde Museum In Vienna
The Giant, the Draughtsman and a Beautiful Landscape, 2016, installation, courtesy of the artist.

art:i:curate artist Isidora Krstic presents her new art installation at Volkskunde Museum in Vienna.


As part of her exhibition in Vienna Isidora presents her new art installation entitled 'The Giant, the Draughtsman and a Beautiful Landscape', which represents her Master thesis project work in Art and Science at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. The work consists of a large canvas, a text projection, a ceramic object, a drawing and sand and its contextualization within the environment of Volkskunde Museum - the Austrian Museum of Life and Folk Art - forms part of the concept.


The central motive of this art installation is a myth that originated in the sixteenth century during Ferdinand Magellan’s voyage to find a westward sea path to the “Spice Islands” (the Indonesian archipelago of the Maluku Islands). Chronicled by Antonio Pigafetta, an account of a population of giants living in Patagonia found its way back to Europe which persisted for the next two and a half centuries.


With her new art installation Isidora intends to highlight the importance of myths in the construction of narratives and in the production of knowledge. The perception of a culture as that of the other, brings a multitude of implications which are seen through the metaphor of the giants. "How do we overcome the limitations of our own relative size and how do we deal with and feel about distance?", represent the integral questions of the work.


The exhibition will open on the 19th of January and will run until the 30th of January 2016.



Photo credit: Zuzana Melichar.



The main piece consists of a dia projection of a text excerpt taken from Antonio Pigafetta’s 1525 journal “Magellan’s Journey: A Narrative Account of the First Circumnavigation”, where the first encounter with the so-called ‘Patagon giants’ is described. The exhibition visitor is invited to take a sheet of transparent paper with a printed map drawing (representing the outline of South America) and walk in front of the projection. The sheet is placed in front of it and the visitor searches for the place where the text can be focused and readable.



Photo credit: Nemanja Popadic.


The side piece consists of a glass show case, sand, a sculpted porcellain heart model and a plastic toy palm. The composition presents a play with scale and size. The heart is a symbolic gesture to give the ‘Patagon giants’ back their heart, a widely recognised symbol of emotion, as their bodies were objectified in the process of creating the myth. The ‘giants’ were in fact the native Tehuelche people who did not survive for long, as the voyage of Magellan was soon followed by heavy handed collonisation.




Photo credit: Nemanja Popadic.


Isidora Krstic is a visual artist based in Vienna, Austria. She holds a MFA in Painting was the recipient of the Stevan Knezevic Award for Drawing (1st place) from the University of Arts in Belgrade in 2010. In 2014, she was an artist-in-residence 'Orpheus '14' at BILDETAGE Gallery in Vienna. She has exhibited in solo and groups shows including among others 'LISTE – Art Fair Basel' (Basel, 2015); 'Beyond Space', Public Room (Sarajevo, 2014); 'Crucial Experiments', Vienna Art Week, Ovalhalle, Museumsquartier (Vienna, 2013); 'Urban Jealousy-1st International Roaming Biennale of Tehran', Bethanien Kunstraum (Berlin, 2008); 'Real Presence Floating Site', Museum of Contemporary Art Castello di Rivoli (Turin, 2008).


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