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-ISH collection by Matteo Fogale and Laetitia de Allegri wins Wallpaper* Design Awards 2015

-ISH collection by Matteo Fogale and Laetitia de Allegri wins Wallpaper* Design Awards 2015
Image via Twitter (@FogaleMatteo).

The -ISH collection, from London-based art:i:curate product designers Matteo Fogale and Laetitia de Allegri, wins the Wallpaper* Design Award 2015. 


The product design-duo's -ISH collection wins 'Best Denim' as part of Wallpaper* magazine's annual awards that reveal 'the design world’s highest honours to the truly deserving'. Pick up their February issue now, hot off the press, to see for yourself. 



-ISH Tray 3, 2014, 44 x 33 x 5.5 cm, $575.



-ISH explores the perception of materials and their properties. The collection of design furniture emphasises the illusion and beauty of stone-like materials whilst entirely made from recycled and reclaimed post-industrial waste. The works showcase the result of a collaboration expressing the common interest in sustainable sources and new aesthetics on product design through a partnership with Slate-ish, material made in the USA from recycled paper-laminate and Iris Industries, specialising in sustainable composites using bio-based components blended with materials like denim and cotton waste. 


‘Slate-ish’ is a material that resembles stone, but is made in the USA from recycled and reclaimed sources of paper-laminate. ‘Denimite’ is made from post-consumer and post-industrial denim scrap. Every piece is unique, this a cotton fibre bio-composite that is highly moldable, lightweight and tough, with no off-gassing of toxic chemicals. ‘Marblus’ is made from white cotton/polyester post-industrial scrap. This fabric is used for sheets, clothing, and various other fabric products. The combination of fabrics give a wonderful blue/grey tone mixed with white, looking much like Carrara Marble.


Matteo and Laetitia say: ‘We are interested to work with materials that help preserve our environment with elegance and cleverness. Our challenge will be to design furniture and accessories around those materials trying to push the boundaries of each of them. We also love the poetic aspect that is behind these materials and their traditional source of inspiration’.


Buy the -ISH design furniture and accessories collection, previously shown at the 2014 London Design Festival.


The -ISH Tray 3 from the -ISH design furniture collection was also recently successfully funded through the art:i:curate art crowd funding platform. Find out more about how to become a patron of arts.


Bravo, Matteo and Laetitia!

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