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Interview with Federica Tattoli, art editor of Pizza Magazine

Interview with Federica Tattoli, art editor of Pizza Magazine
Images from the making of "Tales of the Jazz Age" at Plus_P Milano.

Ashton Chandler interviews Federica Tattoli, art editor of Pizza Magazine, founder of artist agency Allocco and curator. Federica discusses her favorite places for Italian contemporary art and how she selects artists for editorials and projects.



AC: You featured young Italian artists for your Curated By term. Tell us more about these specific artists and how and why you selected each artist and their particular works?


FT: The Italian artists I chose for my Curated By (Gianni Moretti, Federica Perazzoli, Paolo Gonzato, Daniele Giunta, Daniele Innamorato, Sabine Delafon, Sebastiano Mauri, Samuele Menin, Fabio Marullo, Teodoro Lupo, Yari Miele) are working with me on a big one year project in a particular and magic place in Milan called Plus_P. The name of the project is Tales of the Jazz Age, like the Scott Fitzgerald's book. It was started in July with a group show and will go on with single solo show of the eleven Italian artists - each one linked to the eleven Fitzgerald's tales. I chose artists that work mainly with painting and sculpture. In this specific moment my attention goes to the classical media.




AC: What do you look for when selecting artists for Pizza Magazine


FT: I look at the "immortality" of the work.





AC: As a curator, what curatorial themes seem to be prevalent for Italian art or applied in Italian art institutions?


FT: Art in Italy has a lot of problems such as too many “fake” artists and too many “fake curators” (…) the institutions don't pay attention to culture in Italy, so people run away.





AC: Do you have a method to your personal curatorial practice?  


FT: My method is to feel.



AC: Can you describe the current Italian contemporary art scene? As you are based in Milan, what is the artistic environment like there and what exciting events are happening?   


FT: The contemporary art scene is not a “scene”. I think that Milan is already the center of Italian contemporary art, as the most important galleries are based here. What I prefer are the independent places and the un-institutional organisations: Fondazione Trussardi, Fondazione Prada and Viafarini-DOCVA above all. I do also like the philosophy of Marselleria and Le Dictateur and the ways they work.



AC: List three Italian artists to "watch".


FT: Enrico Boccioletti, Roberto Fassone, Sebastiano Sofia, but there are so many more!


All Images courtesy of Sara Scanderebech.


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