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Interview with Arianna Carossa

Interview with Arianna Carossa
Artist Arianna Carossa photographed by Max Noy

Francesco Lecci speaks with art:i:curate artist Arianna Carossa about her current show 'Anamnesis', her practice and other projects, and working in NYC. 


FL: When did you decide to move to New York and why?

AC: Actually, I never really made ​​a decision about that... I can not bare the weight of responsibility. From my point of view, that just happened - exactly like growing, almost an unconscious action.

This unconscious act was made three years ago.


FL: Do you think there can be a kind of "new art scene" in New York? 

AC: I do not know if you can call it a new scene… But I believe that you always breathe fresh air here in comparison to European scene.


FL: Was it hard for you to get noticed by galleries, or to enter the New York art system?

AC: It’s still very hard right now. Competition is very strong, for a simple reason: there are no other cities like this. Therefore it becomes a gathering place for hundreds of thousands of artists. My attitude is always the same, namely to work and let it happen.


FL: Can you tell me more about your practice? Which mediums you prefer, and did the City change your work or influence it?

AC: I prefer the third dimension, because I find it less sublimate than the other media. I'm interested in the fine line that determines what could be defined art compared to what life is.


This city has influenced me a lot. I feel my approach and my practice are lighter, I removed the trappings, just like when you speak English.


FL: You recently had a show in the project space of Rooster Gallery, which is actually a bathroom. Did the space influence the show, and can you tell me more about the show?

AC: Yes, absolutely! Certainly a bathroom could influence you... I really like to adapt my work, to have a start that flexes your creativity. It is my practice. The show at Rooster Gallery gave to me the opportunity to express my practice.


FL: For your current show at Seton Hall University you decided to "recycle" work excluded form your past exhibitions. How did you come up with this idea, and how does memory influence your work?

AC: The title of the exhibition is 'Anamesis', and obviously the focus will be the memory. The installation created specifically for the show at Seaton Hall University in New Jersey will be a reflection on the fragments that we use to create the story of our past. And yes, I’ve  decided to "recycle" work excluded from my past exhibitions.


I had many objects in my studio that are living with me, and everyday they have created my personal story. In this case I've decided to combine these objects through a suggestion that is part of our common imaginary child: the summer.


For me, the objects are expressions of a human being, a creature that lives and thinks. I found it interesting to use objects that have lived with me but were outcasts. 





Images of works shown at Rooster Gallery, courtesy of the artist 



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