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Interspace At Gallery 212 In Belgrade

Interspace At Gallery 212 In Belgrade
Lidija Delić, Untitled, 2016, oil on canvas, 240 x 120 cm, courtesy of the artist.

art:i:curate artist Lidija Delić presents her latest series of paintings as part of her solo exhibition at Gallery 212 in Belgrade, entitled 'Interspace'. 


The exhibition features paintings, drawings and drawings-objects created in 2015 and 2016 as a result of a continuous questioning, both in terms of the artistic media in use - the relationship between painting and drawing, drawing and sculpture - as well as in terms of themes - the relationship between space and time.


"The works of Lidija Delić in the scope of the exhibition 'Interspace' represent a physical document of the artist’s confrontation with the liminal moment. The recurring image of the body submerged in water, seen also in her previous works, points to the moment where two essentially different planes or materiality of the world meet. It is through the clash made by energetic plunge of the female body, where a unique ampleness and quality of both matters emerges. This quality leads us to identify that the body is not in space, but with it. Space is not an empty container which we fill at will; it is something in which and through which we are. The liminal moment of entering the water in this way offers an unpredictable domain for confronting and contemplating a differently conceptualised understanding of both the thresholds and natures of diverse spaces."



Lidija Delić, Diving, 2016, mixed media on marble, 30 x 20 cm, courtesy of the artist.



"The exhibition visitor goes through a range of the artist’s externalised internal processes, freely organised across three narrative segments anchored in three phases of the jump: flight (fall), submersion and the splashing water. The diversity in media additionally supports the idea of the transitory: the works alternate between drawings on marble plates, monumental oil on canvases and oils on paper.


Within the context of the liminal being, the figure signifies the physical representation of a transitory state. Only by giving attention to the corporeal, can physical and material manifestations be recognised. On one hand, the female figure manifests itself through graphite strokes against the vibrant marble patterns, and on the other, in the turbulent brightness and explosion, followed by the transformation into a damp cloud. In the visual traces of confronting limits, we recognise interweaving spatial planes, disintegrating and dematerializing, processes of growth and transformation, accompanied by remodelling old elements into new forms. The transitory period in mention is characterized by a feeling of simultaneously spatial and emotional distance, together with openness and ambiguity."



Lidija Delić, Untitled, 2016, oil on canvas, 200 x 100 cm, courtesy of the artist.



"The paintings of 'Interspace' construct a possible passage which would lead the visitor out of the collective area of the gallery to the individual experience of the proposed concept. These liminal thresholds are extremely difficult to visually represent, however, they can be sub-rationally and viscerally perceived. The moment of a body submerging into water evokes a liminal state in which specific fixed personality traits, usually static and rigid, are brought back to their initially undifferentiated state which does not allow the understanding of the human body as detached from and dominant over space and time." - Miloš Zec


The exhibition will open on the 23rd of February and will run until the 8th of March 2016.



Lidija Delić, Untitled, 2015, oil on paper, 108 x 130 cm, courtesy of the artist.



Lidija Delić is a visual artist based in Belgrade. She Holds a PhD from the Multimedia Art Department, University of Arts in Belgrade, Belgrade (2015). In 2015, she was an artist-in-residence at 'Glo’ Art', Global Art Center, Lanaken and at 'Intercambiador Acart Madrid', Madrid. She is co-founder of the 'U10 Art Space' in Belgrade. Her work is featured in private and public collections including the ING Collection, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), the Drawing collection of the Faculty of Novi Sad, Novi Sad (Serbia) and the collection of the Gioielli di Carta Auction House, Rome (Italy).


Collect paintings by Lidija Delić.

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