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Heavy Words at Peep-Hole, Milan

Heavy Words at Peep-Hole, Milan
Antoine Catala, 'Image Families', Courtesy 47 Canal, New York

Francesco Lecci gives an overview of "Heavy Words", an exhibition at Peep-Hole in Milan. 



“Heavy Words” is the first exhibition by Antone Catala at Peep-Hole, a contemporary art center in Milan, and it's part of a project called Six Ways to Sunday, which yearly aims to cooperate with an international contemporary art institution, this time FRAC Champagne-Ardenne.


The show sums up three recent projects conceived as a trilogy, all linked by the reflection on the connection between object, image and word. 


“Il etait une fois..”, is an anagram in which every word is synthesized by a different medium, like an hologram or a projection on vapour, to recreate the famous sentence "Once upon a time...", a metaphor symbolising the starting point of words' course through technology. In “Abracadabra” emoticons are represented as kinetic pictographs generated by a breathing display, while in “Image Families” drones fly within the exhibition spaces next to cubes filled with stock imagery, creating a menacing presence.


In the internet era every word, just by googling it, links to a multiplicity of images, and those images can easly and differently be reproduced by 3D printers and any other augmented reality machine, so then the original input can be declined in many different ways, and the result can almost be considered artificial mind self generated.


Catala also meditates on how the tools we use to surround ourself with images affect our minds more then the images themselves, so the device turns out to be more influential on our society than the reproduced content.


Those reflections generate a world of sculpted emoticons, drones with mechanical voices, objects-apparitions and machineries self and randomly reinterpreting inputs, a step towards machine autonomy, which opens up exotic windows on the future of Artificial Intelligence.



Antoine Catala, 'Image Families', Courtesy 47 Canal, New York 


Antoine Catala, 'A - B - R - A - C - A - D - A - B - R - A', Courtesy 47 Canal, New York


Antoine Catala, 'Image Families', Courtesy 47 Canal, New York 


Antoine Catala, 'Il était une fois… ', Collection FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims 



Antoine Catala, 'Image Families', Courtesy 47 Canal, New York 



“Heavy Words” in now on show now at Peep-Hole until July 14th.

For more information on the exhibition, visit http://www.peep-hole.org/ph/current/.

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