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Have you become a Patron of Contemporary Art yet?

Have you become a Patron of Contemporary Art yet?
art:i:curate artists

A few weeks ago we launched the first art crowdfunding platform that allows emerging artists to raise funds for their finished work and share profits on sales with their patrons.


We are building a vibrant community and helping creative talents widen their audience; Co-Producers not only support them financially but also become their advocates.


With the help of our network, a fifth of the campaigns launched have been already successfully funded. 


Here is what some of the funded artists say.


How does it feel to receive support from people you don’t know?

“This gave me a lot more confidence and it is interesting to see what kind of people are attracted to my works.” Florence Lam


Do you think this crowdfunding model will encourage audiences to further participate in a dialogue about contemporary art and art in general?

“Contemporary art is a responsibility that belongs to all of us.” Benedetta Panisson





How does it feel to receive support from people you don’t know?

“I strongly believe in the existence of an ethic in the art practice. This process goes from the artist intimate methodology to public, from people who produce the projects to the ones who collect them. In this, being produced by people I don't know, is emotional and seductively perfect.” Benedetta Panisson





Do you think this crowdfunding model can create new opportunities for artists?

“Yes, more funding gives a lot of opportunity to artists, especially if this were for pieces not realised yet. Getting to print more of my final works as supposed to them living on my computer’s hard drive.” Emily Laserwitz


Patron's reactions have been extremely postive, too. Some of the patrons say:


What do you think about the art:i:curate patronage model?

“It makes total sense..! Artists need this model and backers don't just invest but bet on artists for the right reasons in this configuration.” Thibault Boulanger





What do you think about being financially rewarded for your artists support?

“Great, more money to spend in art.” Mimma Viglezio


Become a Patron and Co-Producer of emerging artists today and join our network here.


How crowdfunding on art:i:curate works? The platform allows people to pledge a chosen amount to finished works they like. We call our patrons “Co-Producers” since their investment helps artists continue their creative practice. In turn, Co-Producers get a percentage of the proceeds once the work they have backed is sold.



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