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Harry Thaler on inspiration and simplicity

Harry Thaler on inspiration and simplicity
Designer Harry Thaler in his studio. ​Image courtesy of​ Amandine Alessandra.

art:i:curate interviews London-based product designer, Harry Thaler about creative inspiration, importance of simplicity, and new projects.



SG: Where does your creative inspiration come from?

HT: In London you are always confronted with new ideas, materials and art. But for me, it can be something that I just saw on the street or a shape that is used in a completely different context, which inspires me to a new project. I think everything can be inspiration if you just pay attention.


SG: You have said that one of the most important things for you is “keeping the simplicity and the soul in an object” - can you elaborate?

HR: I think that it doesn’t take much to create a good product. I like simple designs with a good idea behind it. I always try to give my design pieces a kind of character, so that it is not just an object but something that can add emotional value to you.


SG: Can you discuss how your background as a goldsmith has influenced your design process?

HT: The experience to work with different materials helped me not just to understand what is possible to realise, but changed the way I see the value of materials. I don’t need over-complicated processes. I like to use the right material for the right project.


SG: You received the Interior Innovation Award at imm Cologne in 2013, the Conran Foundation Awards in 2011, and [D3] Contest at imm Cologne in 2011 to mention a few. How do you think winning these awards have changed your career?

HT: I don’t think it is necessary to win this sort of awards to be a designer. But it helps newcomers to be seen and to get the right contacts. Because of the D3 Contest I met Mr. Moormann, who now produces my Pressed Chair. I really appreciate this sort of opportunity.



Image courtesy of Harry Thaler. 


SG: What are you aiming to achieve in 2014?

HT: There are a few nice projects that I will realise in 2014. The A-Z Project I am currently working on involves designing a product for each letter of the alphabet. For example, letter "A" will be an armchair. I will use the same manufacturing process for all the products, which is a metal spinning technique. I think it will be really interesting to see how versatile one manufacturing process can be.



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