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Hannah Thual: Between concealed and exposed, Wall Gallery, London

 Hannah Thual: Between concealed and exposed, Wall Gallery, London
Hannah Thual, Between concealed and exposed, 2013, Digital C-type print, 122 x 180 cm, edition of 5.

We are thrilled to present Between concealed and exposed, a solo show by French conceptual artist Hannah Thual at the Wall Gallery in Battersea, London.  


Private view: 6pm-8.30pm 26 September. RSVP here

Opening times: 11am-6pm Mon-Fri, 27th of Sep - 4th of Nov 2016

Wall Gallery, 7b Albion Riverside, 8 Hester Road, London SW11 4AX, UK


For her solo show at The Wall Gallery in London, French conceptual artist Hannah Thual presents a body of work that delves into the wholeness of the self, the banality of the everyday and the seemingly normal. Treating the wall as a hidden object, much more than what meets the eye, she questions what truly lies below the surface.


Throughout her practice, Hannah Thual explores artificial materials and endeavours to understand the nature of the separation between an exterior and interior self, illusion and the limits of visibility, understanding and language. Her work is a constant research on the tensions and slippages in everyday life, in the familiar and what one could call the ‘active’ and variable performativity of identity.


The exhibition engages the viewer with the idea of the individual and their reflection, bringing into context the relationship between the self and the other. 'Between concealed and exposed' is centred on the notion of identity. What is below is what is hidden. In search of what is beyond the artificial surface, the artist finds herself searching for the construction of oneself, how people choose to create themselves in order to reveal their identities. How do we perform and what do we offer for others to see? Are we conscious of the perpetual ambivalence between the expected and unpredictable, the visible and invisible, the permeable and impenetrable? These series of questions have become focal points in Hannah Thual’s body of work.


Through the work Between concealed and exposed, the viewer searches for the material but fails due to the fact that it is a print. The absence of the shadow deliberately highlights how the individual fails to recognise the real from the reproduced. This artificial surface, or in a way, a broken image, depicts how people choose to reveal themselves and communicate to their surroundings. 


The work Let me see poses as a sneak peak to what is hidden behind the curtain and questions the reality of seeing only what is presented or revealed to us. This is in relation to the self and the other—how people carefully construct themselves and, therefore, choose what self they will publicly reveal through language, actions and expression.


Untitled is a moment captured from everyday life. The things one sees today might be different tomorrow. This unexpected turn poses the question of how this occurred, where again, the limits of the surface and the hidden are explored. 


Look at you and What are you looking at are the final works that are in dialogue with the aforementioned works presented. The construction of an identity is subjective. Everyone sees something different at different moments in their lives. The writings and the eye looking back at the viewer reveal self-projection, and illusions encourage you to second guess what is truly presented, as the inner self is confronted by an external viewpoint.


The show is curated by Despoina Tzanou and Christina Makri


Hannah Thual is a French artist living and working in London. She holds an MA in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art, London (2013) and is the recipient of the Tim Sayer Award, London (2012). Hanna Thual has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows including 'Who am I', Gallerie des Haut pavés (Paris, 2012); 'I took the lift to the sixth floor', Cafe Gallery Projects (London, 2012); 'A skeleton in the closet', ReMap3 Festival (Athens, 2011).



The Wall Gallery offers a platform for artists to investigate, experiment and construct. The artists are invited to work on the physical and metaphorical aspects of the wall, taking into account the existing structure. Learn more about the open call for the Wall Gallery


All images courtesy of the artist.

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