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Giuditta R. presents Vanessa's Room in Sicily

Giuditta R. presents Vanessa's Room in Sicily
Giuditta R, We really like this game IV, 2012, graphite on paper, 70 x 100 cm.

Giuditta R. presents 50 drawings, a video and sound installation at the Palacultura Antonello in Messina.


The exhibition entitled Vanessa's Room is related to the continuous regeneration of the butterfly. Coming into the world in the form of a caterpillar, its natural metamorphosis is symbolical of rebirth or a spiritual transformation to a higher state of perfection. This concept profoundly affects human beings, who are encouraged to reflect on their own spiritual transformation  towards a wider “being”. Vanessa’s Room is a dimension within the human consciousness, a place where deep psychological features remain mysterious.


Giuditta's artistic practice functions like human unconscious excavations, psychosomatic investigations where the anatomy, physiognomy, and facial expressions are presented in a varied world of trauma, vices, tensions and tender impulses.



Exhibition poster of Vanessa's Room.



The exhibition opens September 30th and will run until October 23rd, 2016.


Giuditta R. holds a BA and a MA with First Class Honours from the Academy of Fine Art, Catania (2008). She is the founder of "Villa R." a new residency project for artists in Messina, Italy. Giuditta published her first artist book "Drops of Madness" from the homonymous series of drawings in collaboration with M-House Editrice, Milan (2013). She has exhibited in solo and group shows including 'Psychogram”', Oxholm Gallery (Copenhagen, 2014); 'Eye can Draw', Tijana Miskovic show room (Copenhagen, 2013); 'UAMO Festival 2013' (Munich, 2013); 'Spejlinger', Museum Lolland Falster (Nykobing Falster, 2012); 'Drops of Madness', Sala Dogana, Palazzo Ducale - Institute of Contemporary Art (Genoa, 2011).


All images courtesy of the artist.

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