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Giuditta R. opens Vanessa's Room

Giuditta R. opens Vanessa's Room
Giuditta R. Nymph (detail, 2016), pencils and mixed on cardboard, 70 x 50 cm.

Giuditta R. presents "Vanessa's Room", a solo exhibition of her drawings at the Cultural Centre Umanitaria, Via Francesco Daverio, 7 - 20122 Milan, opening Thursday 1st June, 6-9pm. The exhibition will stay open until 14th June 2017 during the usual opening hours. 



Giuditta R., Secret cave (2015), pencils and mixed on cardboard, 50 x 70 cm. 

Giuditta R., Secret window (2015), pencils and mixed on cardboard, 50 x 70 cm.



The title "Vanessa's Room" is born from a particular species of butterflies. The butterfly is an expression of the vital movement. Its process is related to the continuous regeneration. The natural metamorphosis of the butterfly is essentially the symbol of spiritual transformation and rebirth. It represents the soul leaving the body, reaching a higher state of perfection. 


This concept profoundly affects human beings, who are thus encouraged to reflect about their own spiritual transformation. Even in the mankind there is an evolutionary project, a sort of disposition to improvements, an inclination to the elevation and the spirit.  The butterfly teaches us to transform our lives consciously, to realise our deepest desires. It is, in fact, the representation of freedom, to which every human being aspires. Freedom that can only be gained through a profound self-awareness.  The butterfly does not live to eat and grow old, it lives only to love and conceive, and this is both a symbol of the ephemeral and what lasts forever, just like the soul.



Giuditta R., Our shadows will dance (2012), pencils and mixed on cardboard, 70 x 50 cm.



Vanessa usually lives in temperate zones, but she migrates north in spring and occasionally in the fall.  She flaps her colourful wings in northern Europe before the winter. Vanessa has deep need for inner peace and a desire to understand and analyse the world she lives in, to learn the deepest truths. She tends to be passionate, compassionate, intuitive, romantic and have a magnetic personality.


"Vanessa Room" represents a dimension within the human consciousness, the space where our spiritual transformation and inner exploration take place.


All the drawings on display are made with pencils and mixed paper techniques.



Giuditta R., Nymph (2016), pencils and mixed on cardboard, 70 x 50 cm.



Giuditta R. is an Italian artist currently living and working between Berlin and Copenhagen. Drawing inspiration from the Avant-garde's Expressionism, New Figuration by Francis Bacon, cinema (thriller-horror), contemporary photography, as well as from crime archives Guiditta R. is engaged in exploring the meaning of identity and self-awareness. 


Selected group and solo exhibitions include: Danmarks Nationalbank, Copenhagen (2016); Ricoh Prize 2016, award exhibition at Oberdan Space, Milan (2016); Sergio Fadriani Prize, award exhibition at Palazzo Ducale, Genova (2016); “Our shadows will dance” Palazzo Monte di Pietà, Messina (2015) and more. 


Giuditta R. holds a Bachelor degree and Master with First Class Honours from Academy of Fine Arts, Catania, Italy (2008). 

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