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Gedvile Bunikyte's Solo Exhibition At SWDZ Gallery

Gedvile Bunikyte's Solo Exhibition At SWDZ Gallery
Sculpture Nr. 1 and a White Drawing, installation view at SWDZ Gallery, Vienna, 2015.

SWDZ gallery presents a second solo exhibition in Vienna, Austria by Lithuanian born artist Gedvile Bunikyte with sculptures and a drawing on view through 14 March 2015. 


'Sculpture Nr. 1 and a White Drawing (or a meditation on terrestrial and celestial things)' is a two part installation that consists of multiple paper sculptures and a single drawing which is framed side up. With this minimalistic gesture the artist opens up the conversation about the seen and the unseen, imaginable and unimagined, physical and non-matter.


The sculptures are in the shape of a tube and contain visual information in a form of intricate line drawings inside themselves thus shifting the focus from the image and information centric point of view and undermining it’s hierarchy. The tubes all stand individually but simultaneously coexist like cells within a single larger organism. Each related to each other and each carrying it’s own information. Each one is a universe within the universe. The tubes growing like tree trunks out of the ground and poetically remind one of the inevitable interdepedence and connectivity of all as well as the cyclical movements in nature and it’s fragility.


The second part is a drawing framed backside to audience. The presence of the image is clearly secondary and therefore the idea of presence as phenomenon moves into the center of attention.


'An image is like a door to the imagination of the spectatorship. As an artist I try to make artworks that speak to the deeper part of ourselves, the knowing and wise part. The work should invite us to widen the field of vision and to assist the transformation of the space in which new impulses may arise.' - Gedvile Bunikyte




Sculpture Nr. 1 and a White Drawing, installation view at SWDZ Gallery, Vienna, 2015.


All images courtesy of Gedvile Bunikyte.


Collect drawings by Gedvile Bunikyte.

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