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Gabriel Molina at Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix, in London

Gabriel Molina at Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix, in London
Gabriel Molina, Decreased, 2016, Digital print on polypropylene vinyl, 60x90cm, edition of 25.

Gabriel Molina presents Bad Gateway, his first solo exhibition in the UK, that refers to the large amount of time people spend in front of screens recieving codes that let users know that something has gone wrong.


Bad Gateway stands as a reminder that perception doesn't always reflect reality. Especially in the Internet age, images are pushed to the limit of reality. The exhibition acts as a gateway for the audience to peek into and live the seemingly nonchalant but tangled web of visual.


Molina explores the relationship between analogue and digital phenomena, using abstraction in order to alter perception. The images featured are demading attention and encourage all viewers to have an indivudual experience.



Gabriel Molina, Wave Particle II, 2016, Digital print on polypropylene vinyl, 30x45cm, edition of 10.



Gabriel's practice is concerned with the fundamentals of how digital processes create imagery, the mimetic relationship between physical and digital phenomena, and the altering of perception through abstraction. Inspired by alternative culture, quantum physics and esotericism in the 21st century, his work explores the unintended phenomena in the interactions of different visual devices and how they relate to the natural processes which underlie our universe. By experimenting with the physical interactions of different cameras and displays, Gabriel is refocusing attention on the materiality of the screen. The extremely abstract patterns and forms stimulate the mind into apophenia, or the tendency to perceive meaningful patterns from random data. The resulting imagery ranges from seemingly microscopic lifeforms to nebulae, and the work becomes animated as though watching astronomical and biological processes unfold.


The exhibition opens on Thursday, March 23, 6pm and will run until June 1, 2017.

Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix 19 Goulston St, London E1 7TP.


Gabriel Molina, Indivisible I, 2014, Digital print on polypropylene vinyl, 60x90cm, edition of 25.



Gabriel Molina is a visual artist based in London. He holds a MA in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Arts London, (London, 2015) and a BFA in Fine Arts from University of Alberta, (Canada, 2013). Gabriel has been featured in Less Common Magazine (2016) and Aegir Magazine (2016). He has exhibited in solo and group shows including Urban Bliss, Graphic (London, 2016); 'IMAGINARY | BOUNDARIES Part I', Bearspace Gallery Deptford (London, 2016); 'Intertwined Perceptions', LV Gallery Deptford (London, 2015); Chelsea College of Arts Postgraduate Degree Show (London, 2015); Creative Practices Institute in Edmonton Canada (Alberta, 2014).


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All images courtesy of the artist.

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