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Focus: Photography: Introducing Der Greif, our new Partners

Focus: Photography: Introducing Der Greif, our new Partners
Der Greif.

art:i:curate is happy to announce its new partnership with Der Greif.


Recently awarded Photography Magazine of the Year 2014, Der Greif is a print and online publication dedicated to photography and literature working for and in close collaboration with photographers and authors from all over the world.


Der Greif shared with us the making of video and gave us a first insight in the emergence of Issue 8 which came to us by surprise revealing idiosyncratic combinations of images and poetry with a slightly extraterrestrial touch. We present here an exclusive selection of images, a visual journey through key themes presented in the current issue. 


Open your eyes and ears. Try to see colors and shapes beyond your focus. Try to hear sounds and noises beyond the audible spectrum.


They spoke of separation...


Jonas Feige, Agata Opalinska, Peter Watkins.


...we spoke of relation


Ivonne Thein, Elena Anosova, Anne-Mai Sønderborg Keldsen.


Let us talk about visions


Sandra Westermann, Rodrigo Sombra, Carrie Mae Weems.


Our perception oddly twisted


Roger Ballen, Benjamin Althammer, Francesco Merlini.


Looking around now, everything appears strangely familiar


Claire Rosen, Justice Hyde, Frederik Busch.


Somewhat the same, but a little different


Elizaveta Podgornaia, Maanantai Collective, Conor Clarke.


Wooden images


Aleksei Kazantsev, Jan Kricke, Kamil Sobolewski.


A fictional outlook on the future


Peter Watkins, Juno Calypso, Sasha Denisova.


Colours and shapes


Juliane Eirich, Cru Camara, Patricia Voulgaris.


Times and rhythms


Guillaume Greff, Stephanie von Gelmini, Jeremy August Haik.


The surrounding noise


Alexandra Lethbridge, Adrien Tomaz, Agnese Sbaffi.




Isabelle Wenzel, Emma Hartvig, Nick Arjolas.




Isolde Woudstra, Cliff Andrade, C.Y.Frankel.


Flick-through the magazine to get a quick overview of the whole issue. Featuring 35 photos and 20 texts from 143 artists Issue 8 shows a poetic mixture of photography and literature on 100 pages. Among the artists you’ll find Jocelyn Allen, Roger Ballen, Juliane Eirich, Yoav Friedländer, Dominic Hawgood, Alexandra Lethbridge, Maanantai Collective, Chad Moore, Esther Teichmann, Peter Watkins, Carrie Mae Weems and many more.


art:i:curate artists previously featured in Der Greif: Yann Patrick Martins, Esther MathisBenedetta Panisson, Nikolas Ventourakis.



Partners: Leica Camera, Sammlung Waltraud Schoess, Reisenthel Accessoires, Longo, Paul + Paul, Go In, Büro für Popkultur der Stadt Augsburg.

Print: Longo, Bolzano, Italy.

Artistic Direction, Layout: Leon Kirchlechner, Simon Karlstetter.

Text Editorial Staff: Andreas Bülhoff.



All images courtesy of Der Greif.

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