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Focus: Belgian Art Scene: Sylvie Macias Diaz

Focus: Belgian Art Scene: Sylvie Macias Diaz
bal des galeries, 2015.

If you find yourself strolling around the old streets of Liège this week, don't forget to enter the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Liège (BAL) to see the work of art:i:curate artist Sylvie Macias Diaz.


The City of Liège invited the most prestigious art galleries working around the area of Liège to join forces and exhibit at BAL. For its inaugural edition "le bal de galeries" brings together the most dynamic players of Liège's contemporary art scene to celebrate and further promote cultural practice and contemporary art in a one-week feast.


Sylvie Macias Diaz participates with Galerie Triangle Bleu and her art installation 'Magasin de distribution (GRAND BAZAR)', a utopian construction that evokes aesthetics of sparseness, of refinement and fragility in an attempt to question the cultural, political and economic aspects of capitalist societies that wallow in overconsumption while others starve. 


Art Galleries: SPACE, Espace 251 Nord, Galerie Liehrmann, Galerie Nadja Vilenne, Les Drapiers, Galerie Quai 4, A l’Enseigne du Commissaire Maigret, Fondation Les Amis de Roger Jacob, Galerie Orpheu, Travel Gallery, Espace Galerie Flux, Traces, ClairObscur, Le 6-Centre d’Arts urbains, Galerie Triangle Bleu, Monos Galerie, Galerie Christine Colon et Yoko Uhoda Gallery.



 Magasin de distribution (GRAND BAZAR) ©SylvieMaciasDiaz.



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