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'Exquisite Collage' featuring art:i:curate artist Yoorim Erin Park

'Exquisite Collage' featuring art:i:curate artist Yoorim Erin Park
Image courtesy LP Art Space

art:i:curate artist Yoorim Erin Park's collage works "Landscape as structure" are included in a group show 'Exquisite Collage' at the Local Project Art Space in New York, which opened this past weekend and will be on view through September 7th, 2014. 


Knowing that collage is the assemblage of different forms creating a new one, in this exhibition LP Art Space offers the opportunity to view and experience many works that represent the variety of the collage technic and its diversity.


The group show features the following collage artists:
Trissa Dodson, Rich Garr, Lito Vales, Evelyn Ray, Wendy Letven, Eric Banks, KC Trommer, Alexis Neider, Stephanie Gross, Aileen Bassis, Laura Pawson, Qi You, Aviva Leah, Michael Filan, Stephanie Roman, June Kosloff, Presh Johnson Avabitg, Patty Harris, Anna Kell, Renata Grieco, Joan Fitzsimmons, Liesl Pfeffer, Courtney Kates, Jennifer Scuro, Derek Bruckner, Ana Urbach, Talia, Yoorim , Jordan Baber, Juan Betancourth, Maria Dimanshtein.


Local Project Art Space is open Wednesday through Saturday, 1-7pm. Email [email protected] for further information. 



About Yoorim Erin Park

Yoorim Erin Park (b. 1986) is a mixed media artist living and working in New York. Her body of work deals with conflicting states of time: static and active. 

"The time in my work is not oriented to a specific time, rather floating in a space of co-existence. These conflicting states, “static and active” are addressed in a single frame by depicting historical symbols from the past on the same plane as today’s digitally enhanced sources. By juxtaposing these two time states, I am interested in reconstructing time to reconnect our past and present."

Through the manipulation of various contemporary graphic images such as geometric and graphic patterns, Park's works result in a conflict phenomenon - where history collides with digital era, allowing them to interact with one another and create a conversation to be deciphered by the viewers. 
"I create a constant flux between calm and disorder, as well as quiet and chaotic, serious and witty; hoping to engage the viewers to gain a sense of stillness of histories while raising awareness of today’s actively changing digital culture."



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