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Exhibition: 'The Extime'

Exhibition: 'The Extime'
Sergei Sviatchenko, Other buildings and grey ideas, 2013

art:i:curate artist Sergei Sviatchenko is part of the group exhibition 'The Extime', on view at Galerie Seine 51 in Paris. 


The Extime

Galerie Seine 51 presents the group exhibition 'The Extime' featuring the works of three artists around a certain vision of the landscape and probing the intimacy of a territory which is external.


Sergei Sviatchenko

Sergei Sviatchenko lives and works in Denmark. Leading artist of Denmark, the Ukrainian artist is known for his huge installations worldwide and collages honoring the great masters of surrealism. For this exhibition, he worked around the theme of the exterior and the relationship between man and the nature. His small in format unpublished works as well as the mural collages included in the exhibition made ​​of natural and urban elements give out a glimpse of an imaginary and unkown world.


Eric Pillot

Eric Pillot, lives and works in France. Laureate of the HSBC Photography Award 2012, Eric presents his new series of lunar reliefs found in the vast shoresides of northern France, inhabited by traces of human existence or left behind by the waves. These soft and sensitive to light contrast prints seem to have no limits but the limits of our visual field.


Jennifer Westjohn

Jennifer Westjohn lives and works in France. A photographer with a focus on natural landscape and its spectacular views, Jennifer travels the world in search of these moments of grace that knows we offer to our environment. Her vision of these silent and mysterious landscapes, her precise framing and her willingness to reveal to the view the perfect balance, bewitch those who traverse in the heart of her prints.


The exhibition will be on view until the 14th of June 2014.

For more information on the exhibition click here




All Images Courtesy of the Artist

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