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Exhibition: 'Por Oaxaca'

Exhibition: 'Por Oaxaca'
Por Oaxaca

art:i:curate artist Catalina Barroso Luque curates the exhibition 'Por Oaxaca', a record of responses to a seemingly straightforward photograph taken in Oaxaca, Mexico.



Phil Lique, Kevin Van Aelst, Isabelle Gressel, Ivan Mendez Vela, Panachai Chaijiratat, Maria Lara Whelpley, Susan McCaslin, Martin Roberts, Justin Rodier, and Sophie Aston


Por Oaxaca is the end stage of the postal art project organized and carried out by Mexican artist, Catalina Barroso-Luque. It consists of her sending a selection of local and international artists in China, Mexico, England and Connecticut a seemingly straightforward photograph taken in Oaxaca, Mexico and asking them to respond.


The project sought to question both the role of the artist as author vs. the curator as author-narrator, and the various degrees of control one has over ones work. Through breaks in translation within each artist’s personal visual literacy, the project aimed to play with the role that memory and culture play in our reading and taking of images, and art production’s relation to this as a gradual reshuffling of cultural forms.


The responses received were unexpected and varied. The apparent diversity of works stemming from the same image, bring out issues of cultural tourism, analogue vs digital technology, image-media mediation over our engagement with reality, cultural aesthetics, and the prevalence of a western hegemony over contemporary artistic production.


Curated by Catalina Barroso-Luque


The Institute Library
847 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT


Also on view in the Main Reading Room is a display of Postales Mestizas, a series of works by Catalina Barroso Luque. 


The exhibition will be on view until the 21st of June.

For the online catalogue that accompanies the show click here.

For more information on the exhibition click here.

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