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Exchanging Spaces With Keshav Anand

Exchanging Spaces With Keshav Anand
Dialogues Between, 2015.

art:i:curate artist Keshav Anand is participating in an artistic project entitled 'Dialogues Between' that engages emerging artists from Seoul and London into a creative dialogue of online and offline collaborative practices. 


We occupy space in our daily lives. Human beings have consistently studied their environments, recognising space through their bodies and five senses, identifying cultural, social and political structures in it. 'Dialogues Between' aims to explore the idea that our daily lives have expanded beyond the physical to the virtual, attempting to better understand the various issues encountered when crossing the borderline between the physical and online.


Six emerging artists from Seoul and London meet online for the first time and have conversations with each other through various channels of communication, including language, gesture and images. The things dividing them are the distance of 8,853km, a time difference of nine hours, unfamiliar culture and language. Online space connects the artists, overcoming physical distance and extending the life of the project in immaterial space. Within this ‘space between’ there is still an unchartered area, an ambiguous difference which will inevitably affect the dialogue. Delay, mistranslation and tension contribute to creative possibilities, offering an experimental space where uncertain and diversified transformations of meaning can occur. Artists will research and explore notions of space, having regular conversations, demonstrating cooperation and working collaboratively in the online ‘space between’, which connects the physical space of Seoul and London.


The first stage of the project, 'Online Dialogues', runs in Euljiro Space in Seoul and the artists’ individual studios in London. Their online exchange and progress is documented on an online platform. Kim Daum, Jung Hae-jung and KKHH in Seoul, and Hannah Le Feuvre, Sue Park and Keshav Anand in London, are paired with each other in consecutive order. The paired artists are working collaboratively for a period of two-months and have frequent conversations via email, social media and webcam chat. The physical workspaces of the six artists in Seoul and London are linked through the online ‘space in between’. In the second stage of the project, 'Offline Dialogues', common interests and ideas, revealed during conversations that occured in the first stage, will result in an offline collaborative exhibition that will take place at Euljiro Space in Seoul and followed by a presentation of the same work in London in 2016. 


During the first stage of 'Dialogues Between', Keshav Anand created a virtual environment attempting to closely replicate the studio space of his partner KKHH based on the description he received in Korean. Keshav used Google translate to interpret the manual and created a replica, that might include significant discrepancies. Apparently, according to KKHH's response, the outcome is a pretty accurate interpretation despite the subjectivity that came into their way. 









Keshav Anand, Exchanging Spaces, 2015. Courtesy of the artist.


Keshav Anand is a visual artist based in London. He holds a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts London, London (2014). He has exhibited in solo and group shows including 'Artist salons chez Ligne Roset', Ligne Roset Westend Showroom (London, 2014); 'Ennead', East Street Arts, Warren Street Space (London, 2014); 'Big Space II', Central Saint Martins (London, 2014); 'Dislocation', Iniva (London, 2013); 'Here In Archway', AIR (Archway Investigations & Responses) (London, 2011).


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