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Emily Lazerwitz Featured In The Exhibition PROTECHT

Emily Lazerwitz Featured In The Exhibition PROTECHT
Emily Lazerwitz, Enigma, 2015, inkjet print on paper, 112 x 117 cm, courtesy of the artist.

art:i:curate mixed-media artist Emily Lazerwitz is participating in the group exhibition 'PROTECHT' in London.


'PROTECHT' is a group exhibition bringing together national and international contemporary artists who in very different ways present the screen as our ever-present shelter for facing the world. Throughout a wide range of artistic media comprising photographs, sculptures, videos and installations, the exhibition investigates our relationship with the screen and the impact it has on our everyday life, questioning both the extent and the consequences of this reliance.


Amongst other pieces on display, Peter Hoiß and Roland Wegerer’s works engage the viewers through their sense of touch, creating an intimate physical relationship with the screen. Both overlapping images skimming on the video surface of Theo Tagholm’s Plain Sight as well as Katrin Hanush’s sculpture 'The Building/Prefab Building', formed by piles of irony plates, evoke fractured visions and incessant accumulation of fleeting moments. Pamela Breda's Time Intervention denotes the ever-flattening status of our experiences and memories within a world of digital images. Finally, both installations by Ines Marques and Emily Lazerwitz explore how the development of new technology and social media has affected language and communication.


The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of events including curators tours, a screening event presenting Jack Williams' 'Screen Deprivation' project and mixed media artist Emily Lazerwitz and Ines Marques in conversation.


Featured artists: Pamela Breda, Daniela Brenna, Sophie Bullock, Jack Davies, Matthieu Deloume, Katrin Hanusch, Peter Hoiß, Alexander Isaenko, Jamie Jackinson, Christine Lucy Latimer, Emily Lazerwitz, Ines Marques, Theo Tagholm, Sam Treadaway, Nara Walker, Roland Wegerer, Jack Williams and Dawn Woolley.


Curated by Matilde Biagi, Ines Costa, Fabiola Flamini, Alice Montanini and Antonio Terzini.


'PROTECHT' will run between the 12th and 27th of March 2015.


Collect mixed media art by Emily Lazerwitz

Emily Lazerwitz thanks!!

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