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Emily Lazerwitz featured in Future Relics

Emily Lazerwitz featured in Future Relics
The Weavers and the Nymphs, 2016, mixed media, courtesy of the artist

art:i:curate artist Emily Lazerwitz participates in the group exhibition 'Future Relics' at the Chelsea Waterside ArtSpace in London.





Relics are objects of the past incorporating a notion of memory. In 'Future Relics', the artists create objects that may appear to be produced in the past, but taking a closer look at the process of the making they are infused with contemporary technological elements. In this way, the exhibition comments on the current state of society and the inevitable need to look in the past in order to look forward.



Emily Lazerwitz, Bedtime Story, 2014, mixed media, 110 × 77 cm, edition of 10, courtesy of the artist.



Emily Lazerwitz presents new work from the 'Weavers' and the 'Nymphs' series along with older work that reflects the design of a Hmong folktale, working with digital means to weave traditional patterns. Her mixed media works presented in the exhibition withhold the element of nostalgia of everyday craft objects. These are inspired by different myths and are technologically encoded so as to result in textiles, which can be mined for clues about the exhibition if the viewer can find the key.


Her artistic practice deals with the issue of time and focuses on the intersection of art, craft, technology, and language. Emily Lazerwitz is concerned with the notion of technology and how it shapes the direction in which language develops.


Emily Lazerwitz, Weavers and the Nymphs, 2016, mixed media, courtesy of the artist.



The exhibition presents new works by four emerging artists from the Slade School of Fine Art.


Participating artists: Nayoung Jeong, Sam Llewellyn-Jones, Emily Lazerwitz, Miguel Miceli


The exhibition will run until the 22nd of June 2016.


Emily Lazerwitz is a visual artist based in London. She holds a BA in Fine Art from Columbia University, New York (2014). She is currently pursuing an MA in Fine Art at Slade School of Fine Art, London. She has received the Promising Artist Award from Rhode Island School of Design (2010). She has exhibited in solo and group shows including 'Passion for Freedom Festival', Mall Galleries (London, 2015); Interim Show, Slade School of Fine Art (London, 2015); 'The Red Files', Schwartz Gallery (London, 2015); 'The Story So Far', W3 Gallery (London, 2015); 'Journeys', Jewish Museum (London, 2015); 'Curated by NoLIta', The Nolitan Hotel (New York, 2014); 'Speculative Future', A-Side B-Side Gallery (London, 2014).



Emily Lazerwitz, Waiting for the Toad, 2014, mixed media, 106.7 × 106.7 cm, edition of 10, courtesy of the artist.



Pledge here for Emily's Waiting for the Toad artwork.


Emily Lazerwitz’s mixed media artworks Enigma and Bedtime Story were successfully funded through the art:i:curate art crowd funding platform. Find out more about how to become a Co-Producer.


Collect art by Emily Lazerwitz.


All images courtesy of the artist.

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