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Der Greif's 'A Process'

Der Greif's 'A Process'
Image courtesy Der Greif

Der Greif is a project for contemporary photography and literature with a focus on photography, addressing people with an affinity for image and text. Der Greif's "A Process · Ein Prozess: transforms their print and online magazine into an exhibition, documenting 'the process' along the way. They recently launched the book A Process · Ein Prozess presenting combinations of photography and poetry by 84 artists from all over the world.


art:i:curate’s Milan-based artist Benedetta Panisson was one of these exhibiting photographers. Fittingly for "A Process · Ein Prozess", Benedetta’s projects are the result of long period processes, works in progress that are completely naked, where all mechanisms are shown; all the logical and illogical steps are exhibited.



'People Do Water' (2013) photography by Benedetta Panisson



"A Process · Ein Prozess" materializes the work performed over the course of 7 weeks at Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus by Der Greif. It was conceived as a third exhibition-room next to the gallery and exhibition-website, expanding upon the visions on relationships of the works that were submitted. While showing an edited selection of photographs and poetry, the book becomes a piece of the exhibition itself, enjoyable as its own entity or as part of the greater project. The viewer/reader can create their own process of interpreting and experiencing the book and exhibition and allow for their own contextual references.



Der Greif - 'A Process': Detail 


Over the almost two-months time-frame, Der Greif transferred the various steps of their artistic work including curation and the de- and re-contextualization of submitted works into a project that became physical in a real space as well as accessible to the public, all through a performative act. Between March and May 2014, "A Process" raised questions concerning photography in the digital age and in the light of the Internet as well as photography’s haptic stimuli and common perception of authorship. The exhibition used the Internet’s participatory structure to connect participants, visitors, and artists across the world through an online transmission of the entire exhibition. The exhibition itself featured a selection of 279 photographs from 279 photographers coming from 33 countries, as well as poems by 4 authors, and was curated by Andreas Bülhoff.


New combinations of photography and poetry as well as essays from Jörg M. Colberg, Dirk von Gehlen, Annekathrin Kohout, Andreas Langen and Dr. Thomas Elsen (both German and English) are featured in the book, which is in an extension and continuation the first exhibition of Der Greif. The book also includes images by 80 photographers, complemented by poems by 4 authors and essays by the 5 previously listed authors, in addition to an index of the 279 participating photographers.



Der Greif - 'A Process': Preview


The exhibition-website is both documentary and an exhibition-space offers a platform for gathering  information about the contributing photographers and authors as well as viewing the single photographs in the book in a newly created context. Der Greif is a print-magazine, online-platform, curatorial team and joint project for and with photographers and authors from all over the world.




Benedetta Panisson image courtesy the artist; all other images courtesy Der Greif

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