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de Allegri & Fogale studio present new sculptural work at Oxo Tower Wharf

de Allegri & Fogale studio present new sculptural work at Oxo Tower Wharf
de Allegri and Fogale studio, 2016, Miss-en-abyme, site-specific sculpture at Oxo Tower Wharf.

Following the success of the Miss-en-abyme installation at the V&A Museum for the London Design Festival in 2015, London-based design studio de Allegri and Fogale are creating a new sculptural piece for the OXO Tower Wharf, in London. In this new site-specific rendition, the materials from the original sculpture have been recycled, and the structure adapted to respond to the outdoor setting of Oxo Tower Wharf’s courtyard.



de Allegri and Fogale studio, 2016, Miss-en-abyme, site-specific sculpture at Oxo Tower Wharf.



Laetitia de Allegri and Matteo Fogale have applied these principles to the Mise-en-abyme sculpture by reclaiming the 11 acrylic sheets from the V&A installation and compressing them together. They created a new, immersive, colourful arch that acts as an alternative passageway for visitors moving through Oxo Tower Wharf. The arch motif echoes the corridors, archways, and ‘lieu de passage’ interspersed throughout the building.


The award-winning lighting manufacturers Innermost have partnered with de Allegri & Fogale to light the sculpture at night. In the daytime, edges of the semi-transparent acrylic radiate fluorescent colours and luminous patterns that expand and retract intermittently throughout the day. The shadow effect created by the overlapping panels offers depth and a sculptural quality to the work. These elements combined create a mesmerising, perpetual experience for visitors entering the arch. They reflect the movement of bodies passing through the site and encourage interaction among people, objects and public space.


The Miss-en-abyme installation will be exhibited until 20th of February, 2017 in London's Oxo Tower Wharf.



de Allegri and Fogale studio, 2016, Miss-en-abyme, site-specific sculpture at Oxo Tower Wharf.



Matteo Fogale and Laetitia de Allegri are a designer duo based in London. They are the winners of Wallpaper* Magazine's Design Award for 'Best Denim' (2015). 


Laetitia de Allegri graduated from ECAL in 2004 (Industrial/ Product Design BA) and joined Barber Osgerby where she worked for six years. Since 2010, she has been freelancing with Barber Osgerby, Marc Newson, Tom Dixon and Alexander Taylor working from industrial products and furniture design to interior projects both in private and public commissions. In 2013, she also started a new collaboration with Eva Feldkamp under the name of de Allegri/Feldkamp.


Matteo Fogale, born in Montevideo (Uruguay) studied Industrial Design at IUAV University of Venice. After graduating he worked on a variety of projects, from high-end furniture, industrial product design and bespoke commissions pieces with studios like Patricia Urquiola, Nichetto and Partners, BarberOsgerby and MAP. In 2013, he established brose~fogale, a London-based design studio working in the fields of interior and product design, bespoke furniture and installations led by a design approach that considers.


Collect design products by Matteo Fogale and Laetitia de Allegri.


All images courtesy of the designers.

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