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Curated by Paul Smith & Friends // meet Tarini Mohindar

Curated by Paul Smith & Friends // meet Tarini Mohindar
Curated by Paul Smith & Friends participant Tarini Mohindar

In celebration of Frieze Art Fair 2014art:i:curate teams up with Paul Smith to host an innovative exhibition of work by emerging London-based artists that combines Mayfair’s deep-rooted art heritage with the digital world’s trail-blazing creative community. 


Open to all, by registering at articurate.net, everyone has the opportunity to express their creativity in front of an audience of both art fans and the industry’s elite. 


Curated by Paul Smith & Friends participant Tarini Mohindar shares a dangerous addiction.


City: Bombay

Profession: Restaurateur, Cafe Zoe 

As a kid I wanted to be: Everything from an astronaut to a hair stylist.


AIC: How would you describe your own personal aesthetic?

TM: Classic yet contemporary, bohemian yet simple, colourful yet natural, practical yet aesthetic, fun yet elegant, bold yet muted.


AIC: How would your friends describe your personality?

TMYou need to ask them!


AIC: What inspires you?

TM: The incredible wonder of nature and the universe.


AIC: Who's your hero?

TM: I don't have one.


AIC: Do you consider yourself a collector? If so, what do you collect?

TM: Yes, books.


AIC: What's your most precious possession?

TM: My baby daughter.


AIC: What does the term 'curating' mean to you?

TM: Putting together a collection of beautiful work.


AIC: Why did you get involved in this project?

TM: I think art:i:curate is a wonderful initiative and I would like to support it in any way I can.


AIC: How do you usually take art in?

TM: I try to look for beauty and creativity in everything around me.


AIC: Tell me something about yourself - anything.​​

TM: I'm a travel junkie.



See what emerging art Tarini likes.


Want to take part in this project? Sign up to articurate.net and follow the steps.

Happy curation.


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