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Curated by Paul Smith & Friends // meet Pholoso Selebogo

Curated by Paul Smith & Friends // meet Pholoso Selebogo
Curated by Paul Smith & Friends participant Pholoso Selebogo

In celebration of Frieze Art Fair 2014, art:i:curate teams with Paul Smith to host an innovative exhibition of work by emerging London-based artists that combines Mayfair’s deep-rooted art heritage with the digital world’s trail-blazing creative community. 


Open to all, by registering at articurate.net, everyone has the opportunity to express their creativity in front of an audience of both art fans and the industry’s elite. 


South African born stylist Pholoso Selebogo has a thing for white walls.


City: Antwerp

Profession: Stylist, consultant

Secret profession or as a kid I wanted to beExactly what I'm doing now, or more precisely, a fashion designer and a singer, too. Still working on the latter.


AIC: How would you describe your own personal aesthetic?

PSI like taking things out of context work-wise, a sense of oddness. Stylistically 
- everything matches with everything! I like strong shapes and sharp clean cuts but you'll also find me in something soft and transparent.


AIC: How would your friends describe your personality?

PS: Curious, good ear, loner, provocative, inquisitive, always wanting to know and learn more, reflective, reserved but very outgoing when the moon is right, mysterious, adventurous.


AIC: What inspires you?

PSEverything around me. At times inspiration comes from nowhere as if it was floating in the air, waiting to be breathed in. I also have a thing with white walls.


AIC: Who's your hero?

PS: I don't believe in heroes and if so I don't think one should look further than themselves to find a true hero. For the sake of conversation I would say, my hero is the archetype of the philosopher or magician. Those who explore the hidden and deeper parts of life, truth seekers like Manly P. Hall or Gurdjieff.


AICDo you consider yourself a collector? If so, what do you collect?

PS: I collect opinions. Perhaps this sounds strange but I love collecting peoples view on things and putting it all in a box in my head to get back to, when reflecting and trying to figure out life, people and myself. (Shoes come second.)


AIC: What's your most precious possession? 

PS: My mind - that's where I live. 


AIC: Why did you get involved in this project?

PSI am all for the way art:i:curate works and very happy to be able to stretch my curating muscles. I am as interested in art as I am in fashion - and with Paul Smith being involved, its a perfect marriage for me.


AICHow do you usually take art in?

PSWith my eyes and emotions. 


AIC: Describe Sir Paul Smith in three words.

PSElegant, smart, hedoesnotseemtotakehimselftooseriously (though serious). 


AIC: Tell me something about yourself - anything.​

PSI rarely read a book to the end end. 



See what emerging art Pholoso likes.


Want to take part in this project? Sign up to articurate.net and follow the steps.

Happy curation.

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