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Curated by Paul Smith & Friends // meet Fabrice Nadjari

Curated by Paul Smith & Friends // meet Fabrice Nadjari
Curated by Paul Smith & Friends participant Fabrice Nadjari

In celebration of Frieze Art Fair 2014, art:i:curate teams with Paul Smith to host an innovative exhibition of work by emerging London-based artists that combines Mayfair’s deep-rooted art heritage with the digital world’s trail-blazing creative community. 


Open to all, by registering at articurate.net, everyone has the opportunity to express their creativity in front of an audience of both art fans and the industry’s elite. 


Curated by Paul Smith & Friends participant Fabrice Nadjari is an explorer at heart and introduces us to his personal hero.


City: New York

Profession: Cultural Entrepreneur and co-founder of Studio 55

Secret profession or as a kid I wanted to be: Public Writer, so I could compile, channel and help come to life other people's stories!


AIC: How would you describe your own personal aesthetic?

FN: My own personal aesthetic could be a mix of Bauhaus minimalism, street-art like flashy colors and french classicism, whatever that means.


AIC: How would your friends describe your personality?

FN: I guess they would say I am passionate about what I am doing, open, curious and giving, with an insatiable appetite for culture and encounters.


AIC: What inspires you?

FN: The people I meet, whether it's in a New York opening or in a small village in a remote province of Afghanistan. I am always captivated by their energy, their dreams, their vision of the world and how they translate it through their art, daily activities and what they give to their communities. I had the chance to travel to quite a few places where not a lot of people go usually and always try to keep a pinch of cultural oddity in the way I think and see things.


AIC: Who's your hero?

FN: It would be someone like Alexandra David-Neel who was a fantastic explorer, but also a writer, buddhist, feminist, anarchist and avant-garde thinker..her books on spirituality and travel experiences inspired Kerouac and Ginsberg and a whole generations of artists and thinkers.


AIC: Do you consider yourself a collector? If so, what do you collect?

FN: Yes, at my own scale, I buy or trade art as much as I can. My 'collection' consists exclusively of artists I know, met, admire and oftentimes worked with...with a very strong focus on visual arts and especially photography.


AIC: What's your most precious possession?

FN: My time and the love of people that surround me (if that's something you can ever possess).


AIC: What does the term 'curating' mean to you?

FN: I think it goes beyond the selection and presentation process that it is often associated with the term, and reflects to me the capacity of embracing and being able to translate and channel the stories that one or several artists aim to convey. It's a storytelling practice on its own.


AIC: Why did you get involved in this project?

FN: I discovered the art:i:curate platform and found myself strolling through hundreds of inspiring artworks from artists I barely knew, for most of them. Working at the crossover of art, fashion and entrepreneurship, I found the initiative especially clever, relevant and promising.


AIC: How do you usually take art in?

FNBy reading tremendously and spending time browsing various art platforms, by attending exhibitions and talks, by buying books and spending my time with artists, curators, visionaries.


AIC: Describe Sir Paul Smith in three words.

FN: I had the chance to see him in person when he came to give a talk at my office/cultural hub and co-working space NeueHouse. I always loved the clothes before discovering the man and must say those two hours spent in his presence were beyond my expectations. Beyond him still being one of the most inspiring visionaries in the fashion world, I would say he is the incarnation of Style: timeless, fearless, intuitive.


AIC: Tell us something about yourself - anything.​​

FN: 'Rude Art, Good Manners'.



See what emerging art Fabrice likes.


Want to take part in this project? Sign up to articurate.net and follow the steps.

Happy curation.

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