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Curated by NoLIta participant Olga Orellana

Curated by NoLIta participant Olga Orellana
Curated by NoLIta participant Olga Orellana shot by Ky Katrensky

As part of our 'Curated by NoLIta' project, we met with the curators: the people living and working in the neighborhood.


Ky Katrensky met with Olga Orellana, who earned the hashtag #olgacurator with her selection for "Curated by NoLIta".



KK: How do you normally take in art?

OO: I don’t like to overanalyze it.


KK: What does the term "curating" mean to you?

OO: Taking something and making it your own in some way.



KK: What do you hope to take away from this project?

OO: I hope to meet, admire and connect with our local artists.



KK: When did you move to NoLIta/LES and why?

OO: 3 years ago, because it’s a vibrant and fun neighborhood.


KK: Where did you live before and where are you from?

OO: I lived in Brooklyn and previously in Milan. I am from Honduras.


KK: What do you like best about your part of town and what don't you like at all?

OO: That you are close to other great neighborhoods and you have everything you need. It can be loud at times.


KK: What sets NoLIta apart from the surrounding neighborhoods?

OO: The young people from every corner of the world that make the neighborhood alive.


KK: Favorite New York moment?

OO: I have a NY moment every time I cross the Williamsburg Bridge and see the beautiful skyline.


KK: Do you know any of your neighbors? 

OO: I don’t… not sure why, I feel like its very New York to not know your neighbors.


KK: Do you hope to connect with your neighbors through this project?

OO: Yes.


KK: Are there any notable neighborhood characters?

OO: Everyone here is a character, but there is this guy that during the summers rides his bike with massive speakers on it playing loud music.


KK: Do you have a local hangout spot in the neighborhood?

OO: The garden behind my apartment, it’s quiet and beautiful.


KK: What do you see for the future of NoLIta?

OO: I hope not to see too many high rises.


KK: Tell me something about yourself.

OO: I’m a Scorpio.

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