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Curated by NoLIta participant Blayke Kogan

Curated by NoLIta participant Blayke Kogan
Curated by NoLIta participant Blayke Kogan shot by Ky Katrensky

As part of our 'Curated by NoLIta' project, we met with the curators: people living and working in the neighborhood.


Ky Katrensky met with Blayke Kogan, recent Graduate and creative.



KK: Why did you get involved with art:i:curate and this project?

BK: My friend told me all about it, and I've always been interested in curating so it seemed like a fun and exciting opportunity.  


KK: What do you hope to take away from it?

BK: I hope to meet other fellow artists and curators, and share my love for art with other young people in my neighborhood. 


KK: How do you normally take in art?

BK: No normal way! It really depends. I always know what I like and what I don't straight away. When I like a work, I tend to take time with it. 


KK: What does the term "curating" mean to you?

BK: Curating is all about taste. 


KK: When did you move to NoLIta and why?

BK: 2 years ago, to finish school at NYU Tisch.  


KK: Where did you live before and where are you from?

BK: I was previously in the East Village. Originally I'm from Miami, though I grew up in northern New Mexico.


KK: What do you like best about your part of town and what don't you like at all?

BK: I love that I can walk - literally - everywhere. The best of New York is in walking distance. I love the diversity, the character, the grit. It still has little bits of old New York.  


KK: What sets NoLIta apart from the surrounding neighborhoods?

BK: I would say NoLIta manages to balance the bougie/yuppy crowd with the bohemian set. Which is tricky to pull off.  


KK: Do you have a favorite New York moment?

BK: I'm always suprised by how small the city can feel- I run into people constantly! In any given day, I may run into 3 people I know from very different circumstances in my life. It's wild. Definite moment.


KK: Do you know any of your neighbors? 

BK: Yes, Of course! We do quick trips to Woodstock together.


KK: Do you hope to connect with your neighbors through this project?

BK: Yes! To a further extent.  


KK: Are there any notable neighborhood characters?

BK: Well, not really. There should be! The owner of Ritual Vintage on Broome street is quite a legend though, I will say. An amazing shop and she is always rushing around the neighborhood looking chic.  


KK: Do you have a local hangout spot in the neighborhood?

BK: I like Oro, on Broome st. It is very local. I always feel like I'm back in one of the small cafes in New Mexico, the kinds I grew up going to. Very relaxed and chilled out.  


KK: Have you heard any stories about the history of NoLIta?

BK: Yes...Namely from my old italian neighbor. She can tell you herself, she's been in the area forever.  


KK: What do you see for the future of NoLIta?

BK: The rest is still unwritten .....


KK: Tell me something about yourself. 

BK: I'm left handed and Dyslexic.

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