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Concrete Archive by Stefano Canto at Matèria gallery

Concrete Archive by Stefano Canto at Matèria gallery
Stefano Canto, Dolomiti 4, 2015, absorption of print on reinforced concrete, 26 x 39 x 3,5 cm.

Updated with new images: Stefano Canto presents a new series of work in his solo show entitled Concrete Archive taking place at Matèria gallery in Rome, partner of art:i:curate.



See new images from Concrete Archive below:



Concrete Archive by Stefano Canto, Matèria gallery, Rome, image by Roberto Apa.



Concrete Archive by Stefano Canto, Matèria gallery, Rome, image by Roberto Apa.



Stefano Canto, Dolomiti 3 (Epoca n.731), 2015, absorption of print on reinforced concrete, 26 x 38 x 3 cm.



Stefano's Dolomiti 3 is now open for crowdfunding with a target amount of $1,140. Become a Co-Producer and pledge now.


Concrete Archive exhibition describes a resistance to the ephemeral character of the present and reinforces the idea of stability and durability of the past. The material helps to offer a literal and figurative reading of time that transforms, subdues and reinforces. The literal reading lies behind Stefano's architectural background and his interest in the concept of mutation, the relationship between artifice and nature in reference to man's intervention on the landscape. The exhibition features Epoca n. 731,736, a series that began in 2015, and a selection of newly produced sculptures from the on-going project Archaeology of the Ephemeral.


A spasmodic attachment to the present is outlined by the diffusion of social media and the need to constantly update status in the generation of Millenials. Epoca n. 731,736 refers to the homonymous magazine published in Italy between 1950-1997. This series features a series of ten cement sculptures that combine a printing process using photography, sculpture, and architecture, elements central to the artist's research. This constitutes as an archival action by the use of original images taken from the magazine, bringing them back to life by fixing its contents forever on the cement.


The landscapes appear empty, leaving only the structure of the four standard printing colours- the heart of the image- to seep through. By this, Canto reflects on the concept of the physical archive that seems to be heading towards extinction and transforming into a huge cloud at the mercy of an ephemeral tempest. The exhibition functions as a nostalgic attempt to fix a present becoming digitalised on the cloud, proposing a counter reading to the evolution of our time towards the elusiveness of the virtual through the real, the material, the concrete.



Stefano Canto, Rep. AE 10, 2016, concrete, 10 x 10 x 28 cm.



Stefano's artistic practice centres around the semantics of the object and its context and further expanding on the relationship between natural environment, urban space and human interaction. His works often deal with sociological issues, questioning the natural sciences and the history. He is particularly interested in an urban science phenomenon known as "sprawl" or "spread city" which sees the uncontrolled development of the metropolitan area to the detriment of the surrounding territory.


The exhibition will open June 23rd and will run until July 30th, 2016.



Stefano Canto, Dolomiti 1 (Epoca n.731), 2015, absorption of print on reinforced concrete, 26 x 39 x 2 cm.


Stefano Canto is an artist based in Rome. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Rome and was the artist-in-residence at Via Farini, Milan (2016). Stefano Canto has exhibited in solo and group shows including 'The Witnesses of the Invisible', Dak'art Biennale (Dakar, 2016); ”Dislodging the Silence' Public Art 'Dislodging the silence: public art intervening in Mussolini’s foro Italico', American Academy in Rome (Rome, 2015); 'On Landscape 2', Matèria Gallery (Rome, 2015); 'All That Fall', Museo RISO (Palermo, 2014); 'Janela. Migrating Forms and Migrating God', Museo MOG, Kochi-Muziris Biennale (Kerala, 2014); 'The stones are my idea of imagination', Museum of Marble (Carrara, 2013) and more. 


Collect art by Stefano Canto.


Exhibition text by Carmen Stolfi.


Artwork images courtesy of the artist. Exhibition images courtesty of Roberto Apa.

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